Why Use Infographics In Your Content Marketing?

Infographics provide companies with a great way to get information across to an audience in a visually appealing way.  Everyone from online e-commerce stores, to universities like the University of Southern California use infographics as a way of advertising their products, their services, or in the latter case, their online GIST graduate programs.

Readers are turned off by huge chunks of text. However, when you pair that text with images and bright graphics, you are more likely to capture a reader’s attention.  They can immediately gravitate to the stats or information that they’re interested in, and understand the information in a much clearer way.  Many companies are also using infographics as part of their SEO campaigns. As once an infographic has been created, it just needs to be shared in order to receive links to a website.

To give you an idea of what a good infographic looks like, take a look at the one created by the online GIST program below.

career path gis university of southern california

This infographic was created by the University of Southern California.