Understanding Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Digital marketing can help many different businesses and entities. However, some company owners still don’t understand all that much about it. For instance, maybe you own a law firm, and you’re not sure what digital marketing can do to help you get ahead and dominate your niche.

We’ll talk about that in the following article. Law offices that implement digital marketing are a lot more likely to do well.

What Exactly is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing for lawyers covers a lot of ground. The term acts as a catchall that can include digital technologies such as mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, and other technology forms. You use them to promote various products or services, such as a lawyer’s office can provide.

You’re using the internet and often elements such as social media as well. You can craft a digital marketing campaign that might include all kinds of tactics. Anyone who does not utilize internet marketing in the modern era is likely not going to gain traction as easily and quickly as a competitor who embraces it.

Now, we’ll talk about some particular digital marketing forms that you might use as a law firm trying to bring in new clients and attract more attention online.

Audio Marketing

Audio marketing is part of digital marketing. You probably know audio marketing like radio spots that have existed for many decades. You can use audio marketing in other ways in 2022 if you want to attract new clients for your law firm.

Internet radio has seen a lot of growth in recent years. That’s where you might want to showcase some ads for your law firm. You can advertise on Spotify, or you can target podcasts that you think your potential clients will likely enjoy.

You can also record ads that you can play when someone uses an AI-based home assistant, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Some businesses don’t realize that you can record ads to play via these services, but you can.

Video Marketing

Lawyer offices can also get a lot out of video marketing. It’s another crucial digital marketing tactic. You can create short clips having to do with your law firm, or you can always create longer-form content as well.

You can create entertaining ads or educational ones, depending on where you’ll showcase them and the kind of clients you want to attract. You can also prerecord them or stream them live. You want to create bespoke content depending on the digital channel through which you’re presenting it.

Video can create an emotional appeal and audience connection if you use it properly. It’s more memorable than a picture or a text block.

You can also create content that you can feature on all of the major social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Meta. Your video content can show up on these platforms and find a broad audience that’s liable to need your services.

You need to remember to snag a viewer’s attention quickly if you’re going to use video content as part of a digital marketing strategy, though. People don’t have very long attention spans these days, and you need to grab them before they move on to the next item on their feed.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can also help you if you’re trying to use digital marketing effectively to promote your law firm. You can outsource ad creation to other companies and individuals to promote your services. You can extend your reach that way.

You will need to pay these other individuals or companies a commission to talk about you and what you bring to the table. If they have a broad audience or one who’s liable to need legal help, though, you will probably find this move makes sense for the money.

Bloggers and eCommerce sites love to use affiliate marketing, but there’s no reason law firms can’t do it too. You just need to find the correct affiliate who will promote your services. The wrong affiliate who won’t get you the attention you want won’t do much good.

Affiliate content can work well because other entities besides yourself do the hard work for you. Just make sure they’re depicting your law firm the right way.

Influencer Marketing

You should not neglect influencer marketing as part of digital marketing either. If you go this route, you’re partnering with authority figures, experts, celebrities, or anyone else who your would-be clients trust to talk to them about legal representation.

They might talk about your law firm via social media platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. If they have loyal followers who need legal help, they will likely contact you since someone they respect told them about you and what you offer.

If you decide to seek an influencer who can talk about your law firm, make sure you choose the right one. You get to piggyback on the influencer’s audience instead of trying to create one on your own from scratch. You can also get instant street cred if you partner with someone young and popular.

Email Marketing

You can look into email marketing as a part of digital marketing as well. You will need to create an email marketing list of potential targets. You will often want to create emails having to do with promotions you’re running or new services you offer. That’s a common eCommerce tactic, but you can find ways to make it work for you as a law firm as well.

Staying in regular contact with anyone who has used your services in the past or has visited your website will keep you in their minds. If they ever need legal help, they will know to turn to you immediately.

You can find many other digital marketing tactics to employ, but we’ve mentioned some of the more popular ones. Law firms that branch out into these areas can often get the new clients they want and compete with any new or existing firms in your geographic region.