Traits Of A Professional WordPress Site

Traits Of A Professional WordPress Site

It’s very possible to create a WordPress site which serves its function well, despite looking terrible. However, this kind of site won’t get nearly enough attention as a good looking one would. Most people are only on a web page for seconds before deciding whether or not to continue reading. Because of this, it’s integral for you to create a WordPress page that’s attractive and engaging. Here’s how:


We’ll start with the images. This is steadily becoming a more and more important part of WordPress web design. Think of the cameras on smartphones becoming progressively more sophisticated. The standard for online photos is going to rise. While certain stock images can be perfect for use, I advise you not to scrimp on the images for your site. The licensing for high quality images is going to set you back a bit. And if you want images which are really stunning, then you’ll have to fork out even more. Wherever you go to find them, make sure your images look great. Even if the rest of your design is great, too many poor images will really hurt your conversion rate.

It’s great to be creative. However, when you’re building a WordPress site, there are certain conventions which you should follow. Don’t go too crazy with the color scheme. While certain combinations look great, it’s easy to oversaturate your site. This will give it a distinct look of unprofessionalism. I understand that not everyone has the best eye for color. A good rule to follow is picking two neutral, contrasting colors. Black and white works great, but is very overused. Instead, I recommend using either black or white as a base, and picking a couple of similar colors for everything else. Remember, this recommendation is only really for strict professionalism. If your company focuses on a creative niche, then you’ll have a little more leeway in terms of the color palette.

These days, most web users expect to run into areas other than the content they were trying to fine. However, this doesn’t give you the freedom to cram your WordPress site with all kinds of junk. Remember that your audience comes to your site for the content you’re providing. They did not come here for loads of advertising, tacky animations, obtrusive social media links or similar rubbish. There’s nothing wrong with having a few subtle ad bars here and there, which advertise companies related to your niche. However, never oversaturate it. It doesn’t matter if your WordPress site is sending your kids to university or you’re just getting started. The focus of your site should always be the content you post.

With professionally sourced images, a good color scheme and a clear, simple design, your WordPress website is bound to look great. Finally, while you should keep a nice clear layout, don’t keep it too close to WordPress’s starter templates. It’s bad to do a poor design job, but even worse to make it look like you haven’t done anything.