Top Tips for Small Business Owners
Who Want to Expand and Grow In 2021

Even without the devastating effects of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic on businesses throughout the country, not to mention the precarious economic landscape the country currently finds itself in, growing a new, fledgling business is always a daunting and often substantially stressful challenge.

Now, more than ever, it is even harder to get a new business off the ground and the time it will take to become profitable is longer than ever. With that in mind, here are some top tips for small business owners who want to grow and expand their company in 2021.

Establish A Strong Digital Presence

In this modern world, where technology is undoubtedly the proverbial ‘king’ of customer interaction and business accessibility, it is no longer merely a sensible and productive move to create an online digital presence, it is now practically vital in order for your business not just to ‘tick over’ and survive, but to thrive and expand in 2021.

Use social media platforms, ensuring the content you post is covered in your brand name and logo and that your content is entirely uniform across the various social media channels. Obtaining a considerable digital presence will not only substantially increase customer perception and knowledge of your brand and the products or services your company offers, it can also be an incredibly useful tool in strengthening your brand by developing valuable business integrity and overall credibility.

Adopt Eco-Friendly Practices and Support The Local Community

A business that is socially responsible and environmentally conscious will appeal to a different type of consumer, customer or client, and a company that strives to support and ‘give back’ to their local community will quickly build a trusted rapport and gain new and regular customers as a result.

There is a plethora of rewarding and relatively affordable ways to ensure your business is environmentally friendly, including purchasing safely refurbished technology rather than buying brand new equipment, using cloud storage to save your information, documents and other data, buy used furniture items for the office. Slightly more expensive but financially rewarding in the long run, you could even power your small office space with renewable and sustainable alternative energy sources such as solar or wind power.

Establishing your small business into the hearts and minds of your local community is relatively simple, yet if done correctly, could significantly contribute to the growth and expansion of your company. Consider donating either products or services to worthwhile charity functions and raffles, do deals with other local business owners and join online and physical groups that encourage the sharing of information between local companies.

Outsource Specific Departments and Services

The benefits to small businesses that outsourcing particular departments and services provides are astounding and, as you are striving to grow and expand your company and outsourcing departments such as HR consulting Austin not only frees up some of your company’s capital, but it ensures you always have access to the latest innovative technologies and equipment.

Advantages to small businesses who outsource some of their services include a larger amount of freed up cash flow, the ability to easily and efficiently size-up your business, working alongside trained professionals with years of business expertise and acumen, access to innovative and new technologies and software and more time to focus on the overall focus on your business model and expansion plans.

There is a plethora of appropriate services and functions that are ideally placed for your small business to outsource which include human resources, accounting and payroll, administration, customer services and satisfaction targets, and legal representation.

Expand Your Workforce

As your small business starts to grow momentum and begins to make an impact in your specific area of the market, if all goes well you will soon acquire a significantly larger customer and client base. Naturally, such a development typically means you will now need to grow and expand your workforce to meet the increased volume of work you are now in receipt of.

Concentrate on searching for distinct and positive people that not only appear to be able to wholly satisfy the duties of the individual new roles you have created and are building, but also people that can provide distinctive viewpoints that contest your own and that of your current business ethos.

As tempting as it may be to surround yourself with people who, to coin an oft-used phrase, are essentially ‘yes men’, such a delusional move would be highly counter-productive to the growth and expansion of your business and how it moves forward in the future. Instead, concentrate on hiring individuals who appear to have contrasting personalities, working processes and differing people to those of your own so as to ensure you have as many options and paths to proceed upon as feasibly possible.

How you interact and treat your employees, the way in which you communicate with them and how valued and respected they feel within your small business directly affects the overall success of your business as a happy, comfortable and motivated employee makes for a productive, positive and efficient workforce in general.

Develop and Train your Existing Employees

At the same time as turning your attention and valuable time to hiring new people to fulfill the growing needs of your business, it is strongly inadvisable and altogether a ridiculous move to neglect your current employees.

As you are managing a smaller business, it is more than likely that your current employees have been with you since the very beginning and even possible that several of those individuals, if not all of them, are family friends or even family members. Even if you have no personal relationship with your current employees outside of your working hours, it is absolutely vital to invest in their professional development and, furthermore, to offer them reassurance that just because you are hiring new staff, this does not mean their contribution to your company is any less valuable or vital to its success.