Top 6 Benefits of Email Marketing Tools

Top 6 Benefits of Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is one of the marketing tactics which are rapidly gaining ground in these times. It has better results in terms of ads and marketing than the traditional advertising on Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks.

Specialists are developing big campaigns solely through email. And they do that using some of the best email marketing tools.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

These tools, or software, can help owners plan email marketing campaigns on the long term and on a large scale. They help also when it comes to planning, managing, and costs.

Email marketing tools rely strongly on content and SEO, and help on maintaining a line of communication with the client.

But how to choose the best email marketing software? You can choose by looking at the price, the ease of use, the security, the specific industry, the design, customer service, or email marketing features.

Here are three email marketing tools to take a look at:

Sendinblue – it features SMS marketing tools, and Facebook ads for finding new clients. One of the most important pros is that it has no limit for sending daily emails.

SendX – it has unlimited email campaigns, responsive templates, and lots of free stock photos. If you want to try it, you can book a demo.

Active Campaign – this one offers personalized email marketing, dynamic content, and also marketing automation.

Email marketing tools perform a lot of useful tasks. Among them is the planning, preparing, deploying and monitoring your email campaigns. Then, there are the dynamic mailing lists, which have to be organized and maintained, along with schedules.

When it comes to the types of email marketing campaigns, there are quite a lot. For example, promotions and invitations. There are also loyalty email marketing, engagement and information emails, and welcome emails.

So, which are the biggest benefits of the email marketing tools and software?

It is an automatic system, with no manual interference. As mentioned above, there are tasks which are automated, and the process doesn’t require physical labor. This way, owners can reduce the time used with planning, through the automatization of a big part of the email marketing process.

Easy to use. You don’t have to be a software expert to set up and use such a tool. There is uploading of the subscribers’ information, then segmenting the list, using the email templates, adding the content, and then sending the emails. Easy, right? It is also easy to get started to have an email marketing campaign, and then easy to measure.

It has an instant impact and reaches a global audience. The messages will be sent to thousands of customers around the globe, and that is way better than with social media. That is because the email marketing targets users more specifically, and the tools track engagement metrics instantly, understanding how the campaigns work. The impact is instantaneously because the emails can be scheduled and delivered right away.

Brand awareness and personalized content. Email marketing software will help in creating more personalized content for a wider range of customers. This way, the messages will be adjusted to different audiences, and the emails will be engaging. Having this personalized content will not just keep the existing customers, but also the new marketing campaigns will attract new clients, thus increasing the brand awareness.

Increasing sales. The email marketing software will drive the campaigns which will result in big sales. That is the whole point of marketing in the first place, right? This type of emails list similar items to the past purchases, and also create special offers and discounts.

Costs are minimized. In general, email marketing is way cheaper than other marketing channels, so having a tool doing this will help in driving costs even lower. That is because you don’t have to be tech savvy to use the tools, and looking at the overall costs of the marketing campaigns will convince you that this investment is profitable.