Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tools in 2021

Social media marketing has grown like never before. With the penetration of smartphones, internet and the growth of personalized businesses, social media marketing is taking up a larger chunk of marketing expenditure.

If you are new into social media marketing, you might want to look into some of the key tools that will help you gain an edge in developing a marketing strategy.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

These tools Help you to make your digital marketing experience much more simplified. It is also recommended that you look forward to knowing your requirements before you start using the tools.

A clear understanding of your own requirements based on your strategy is very helpful while you’re moving forward with social media marketing.

Let us look at the five social media marketing tools that you should not miss in 2021:

1. Publer:

It is one of my most favorite marketing tools that I have found lately. Publer not only allows you to schedule your posts, but it gives you a host of tags that are relevant to your posts.

What is exciting about it is the array of emoticons that you can add to your post. Not only does it make your post a lively one, but also ensures that it gains a lot of attention from users.

There’s another thing.

Publer & the ease with which you can connect it with your social media account, especially LinkedIn.

If you have someone who’s into job hunting or gaining clients for freelancing, this is the perfect tool to grow your personal brand.

2. Buzzsumo:

Research is a key component when it comes to growing your social media. Researching the right content not only means having an idea of your subject matter but also staying in touch with your competitor. It’s important that you keep a check on who your competitors are, what are they doing right, and how they’re positioning their profile.

This is when Buzzsumo comes into play.

Not only does it ensure that you keep a check on who is sharing your post and who are your biggest influencers, but it also helps it to build a strong relation with your influencers.

3. Missinglttr:

Do you think you need to create a blog post every time to stay active on social media?

For some it might be easy, but if you’re someone like me who is quite lazy to get out of bed and schedule the post, it might be quite interesting to know how this app is the right one for you.

All you need to do is create one big blog post and you can get a year’s worth of social media content just from Missinglttr.

So, if you haven’t tried it out, we suggest you try this out right away.

4. Mention:

It is important to know who mentions you and your competitor. Mention is one such tool that helps you to find out people who are talking about your competitor.

And there is no second guessing as to why you need this information.

Let us get this straight. Your competitor is your biggest teacher.

What you can learn from your competitor is going to help you to defeat them eventually. So, learn from them, do what they’re doing right, and then do it in your own way.

5. Zapier:

If you are looking forward to automating your social media activity, Zapier is the right one for you. Automation coupled with features that are supported across all the platforms is what makes it one of the best products to use, if you are into social media marketing.

If you’re looking forward to growing some awesome business, getting some awesome return on investment, then this is the perfect tool for you right now.

Don’t give it a second thought.

Just use it!

Bottom line:

The competition is pretty high now. If you’re looking forward to surviving in this high competition, it is very much required that you stay ahead of your peers.

Social media automation is the perfect one for you & social media tools are only going to help you gain an edge compared to others. Before buying the tool, you can consult with an automation agency. Because choosing the right tool for automating your social media activities and email marketing can be tricky.