Top 10 Software Platforms for Building Mobile Apps in 2020

Top 10 Software Platforms for Building Mobile Apps in 2020

Software  platforms that help you create a mobile app are gaining popularity in 2020. These solutions offer both entrepreneurs and SMBs an easy way to develop and deploy digital solutions in an easy and cost-effective manner. We’ve taken a look at the field and compiled some of the best options out there. First, though, let’s take a look at some of the trends within the space that should be on your radar.

Low-Cost Development

Perhaps the greatest trend in app development is a shift towards making it affordable for SMBs to take part. This new business model does away with upfront costs and instead provides  monthly subscriptions, as offered by AppSheet, Good Barber, and Bizness Apps. This pay-as-you-go model allows you to scale your build in real time. One more platform to make note of in this area: iBuildApp offers monthly subscriptions that are realistically scaled for bigger business, including a “Company” subscription that offers 5 apps and corporate training.

Ongoing App Management

Of course, a large part of managing budgets happens on the backend, as well. In order for an app to function well in the long term, businesses need ongoing oversight to keep up with third party updates and changes.   Some platforms are offering ongoing maintenance in addition to app development.  Builder, via their Builder Care solution, is one option that helps their customers keep these necessary future costs low.

No Code

A big selling point for many app dev software platforms is a streamlined user experience, viz a viz “no code.” “No code” means that users don’t need technical expertise in order to properly engage with the product. No code platforms include Webflow, Simbla, and Builder. Some take a drag-and-drop approach, but Builder in particular t lets its audience start with a core template of recognized features, and then work off of that.

Bringing It All Together offers some significant differentiators from the rest. For one, Builder takes advantage of a global network of developers and creators so that you have a team that works for you. This powerhouse of experts plus human-assisted AIstreamlines the development timeline to deliver solutions faster and at a lower price.

Builder also offers design options based on popular apps you and your customer may already be familiar with. Using this pre-built code as the core of your project means that you can create quickly and save along the way You can also customize it to your needs by adding in only the features you want and scale it easily in the future via a dedicated dashboard.

And the rest of the Top 10? We’ve ranked them as follows:

  1. Builder
  2. Mobile Roadie
  3. AppMakr
  4. Simbla
  5. Webflow
  6. Good Barber
  7. Bizness Apps
  8. AppSheet
  10. iBuildApp

Code-free and affordable app development isn’t a dream for the future and it’s’ happening right now for businesses thanks to the help of these innovative platforms. Have any other app development software solutions you recommend? Chime in on social media via Instagram and LinkedIn.