Top 10 Android Vampire Apps

Easy Tips to Avoid Your Smartphone Running out of Juice

KS Mobile, the makers of the free Clean Master utility app for Android 2.1 and up, announced its index of the Top 10 Android Vampire Apps that drain the most battery on Android smartphones worldwide. This list is ranked based on the highest average frequency that apps trigger a warning to smartphone users about their own battery consumption levels.

Camera app, Camera360 Ultimate, ranked #1 on the list for most battery consumption. Other apps across a variety of categories that made the list include, followed by EZ Weather Forecast & Widget, Viki: Free TV, Movies & News, Zello PTT Walkie-Talkie, Temple Run 2, imo free video calls and text, Racing Moto, Fruit Ninja, and Candy Crush Saga.

“We want to empower our users to keep their smartphones operating smooth and efficient, that’s why we want them to know which apps they enjoy the most might be draining their battery life more than they know,” said Adam Morley, Product Manager of Clean Master. “Eliminate the frustration of being left with a dead smartphone by practicing smart battery preservation on your Android and being selective about which apps you use.”

To ensure smartphone users everywhere can get the most life out of their battery, Clean Master offers the following easy tips to preserve their device connectivity.

Tips (Garlic) for Preserving Battery Life
on Android Smartphones

  • Disable automatic time zones/time and the clock manually, otherwise your device will constantly be requesting location/time data and its almost entirely unnecessary.
  • Reduce the push frequency of email/weather/social media.
  • Disable wifi/data while playing offline games which present ads. For many apps they will be unable to push you ads during gameplay without a connection.
  • Try to charge the battery before it falls below 20%, it’s not good to run them completely dry.
  • Use the official chargers for your devices, an aftermarket charger may not charge at the correct voltage or have other deficiencies.
  • Charging via a power outlet is often times much more effective than charging via USB.
  • When you are done with an app try to actually shut it down instead of pushing it to run in the background.
  • Try to avoid playing graphically intense games while charging.
  • Try to run a full charge from around 20% to full at least once a month.
  • Disable giving location based information to your apps unless necessary (i.e. maps, dating, etc.)
  • Turn off your GPS whenever not needed.
  • Reduce screen brightness.
  • Avoid leaving your phone plugged in once fully charged.