Tips For Writing An Effective Business Case Study

Tips For Writing An Effective Business Case Study

When a young professional studies business and management, he or she is often asked to compose a well organized case study about the condition of the definite business. This assignment is supposed to check a student’s knowledge about such issues as corporate culture, human resource management, marketing, etc. Young people learn to deal with various challenges in the field of business and solve the trickiest problems. When you need to analyze the specific business problem and describe it in a case study, these writing guidelines will be at hand.

Planning Your Case Study

Study the case. It is rather difficult to prepare a great business case study if you do not learn your problem from all sides. Most often you receive a chance to choose a company and analyze its certain problems that reduce its performance. You need to learn about the history of this firm, its owners, organization, management, finance, marketing, etc. In brief, you are supposed to study it in detail. Only if you know everything about a company, can you then understand its problems, their cause and effect. Try to choose uncommon and thought provoking cases in order to impress your teacher and learn something new about business.

Make a project of your paper. It is unreasonable to write a case study without a detailed outline that will show every following step. Bear in mind that this paper has a strict structure. Every section has its definite stable place and you must not break this order. Plan your entire assignment and think about the issues and subcategories that you are going to analyze.

Introducing The Cause and Effect of The Problem

Make the introduction. This section is supposed to inform the reader about the business case. Try to describe the problem in the briefest way. Say a few words about the company and its organization. Evaluate its average financial performance. Then, write about the problem that occurred there. You do not need to think about the cause of this problem. It is enough to present its consequences. The reader should see the solid facts in order to realize the impact of the mentioned problem on the business and customers. Provide the reader with the general image of the whole investigation. Make him or her interested in your further actions and solutions.

Describe the problem in detail. In the further paragraphs, you need to focus on the business problem. You can make a short flashback to the company’s strategy and financial activity in order to explain the possible cause of that problem. It is vital to prove that the solution is very necessary for the improvement of the firm’s performance and financial well being.

Analyze the case. Read about the problem of the case and make sure that someone has already researched it. Most often, students analyze typical business cases that can occur in numerous companies all over the world. You will definitely find many authors who have paid attention to the investigation of such cases on management or finance. You will learn something new if you read their articles. Focus on the cause and effect of the suggested problem and try to generate an effective solution that will be useful for the company.

Thinking About The Best Solutions

The aim of a business case is to teach students to solve the most unpredictable situations that can occur in the field of business. When you have learned about the cause and effect of the problem, you need to solve it. There are several common ways to do it professionally.

Observe these options and connect them to your case:

Solve with benefit. Sometimes it is possible to solve simple business problems with the absolute benefit for the firm. You need to think about the actions that can improve the company’s condition without any expenses. Brainstorm new strategies concerning human resource management and job satisfaction of employees.

Solve with expenses. The majority of problems require radical changes and additional investment. The most common way out is the increase of salary and the increase of the choice of goods and services produced by the firm. Sometimes companies need to conduct redesign or rebranding and give more money to advertising to attract new customers and keep the loyal ones. Think about these options.

Doing nothing. Sometimes the best solution is doing nothing with the problem. It is enough to wait and ignore it until it disappears.

Choose the best solution. Regarding the type of problem, you ought to choose the most suitable solution. Provide the reader with the arguments and facts that support your choice. Weigh all risks, expenses and benefits in order to find the best way out.

Summarize the case. In the last section, you need to summarize the entire case attentively. Recall the cause and effect of the problem and suggest several authentic solutions that will improve the company’s condition.

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