Tips for Growing Your Instagram Followers According to Kicksta

Tips for Growing Your Instagram Followers According to Kicksta

Did you know that Instagram currently has over one billion active users? Compare this with the total population of the United States which stands at 325 million and you’ll have a picture of the magnitude of this social media platform. As a matter of fact, according to a Forester Study done in 2014, this groundbreaking social networking site features an average user engagement that is 58 times higher than that of Facebook. You can’t certainly argue with these numbers.

This is the precise reason many brands want to get acquainted with Instagram. It is the new kid on the block that will get you the conversions you want. The problem is that it can be difficult to break through the noise and make a name for yourself.

Whether you are looking to grow your personal account or that of your employer, you need to learn a few tactics that will get you on top. Kicksta, one of the leading social media experts in the industry, has revealed some of these tactics that will take your business to the next level. Moreover, if you want to give Kicksta a try, make sure to use this coupon on to get some discount.

Like As Many Photos In Your Niche As Possible
Here’s a tip many people seem to ignore. If you want your name to be easily discovered out there, go through at least 5 photos on someone else’s account on a daily basis. If you have the time, post your comment and follow them. Otherwise, a simple tap on the “like” button will also do wonders to create awareness around your brand.

Obviously, this will not happen overnight but if you stick with it, you’ll see tremendous results soon enough. Speaking of niches, the best way to find users in your niche, as Kicksta would have it, is to view followers of your Instagrammers or check hashtags.

Post Consistently
Another timeless strategy that cuts across all online marketing platforms is to post content on a perpetual basis. Kicksta suggests doing this at least once a day. More is even better. You can easily double your growth rate by posting 6 times a week instead of churning one post per week. Now imagine what posting twice a day will do for you?

As a matter of fact, posting content on the regular triggers Instagram’s algorithm which will place your posts at the top of your audiences’ feeds. This is good for business. Bottom-line is, the more you post on your Instagram, the more followers you attract.

Maximize On Your Hashtags
When it comes to Instagram, hashtags are your gateway to success. Once you know how to create unique ones and ask other followers to adopt them in their posts, you can count your journey of building a long list of Instagram followers halfway done. It even works better if the hashtags have a given purpose.

Look beyond obvious one-word hashtags. Sure, you can utilize those but Kicksta suggests mixing them up with long-tail hashtags that tell your story. Finally, don’t be afraid to bring out irony, humor, and outrage. Boring hashtags can only go so far.

Go Beyond Photos
Instagram might have been started as a photo-sharing platform but those days are behind us now. Live videos, normal videos, and Insta Stories have grown increasingly popular in recent times. Brands are now creating many different types of content to increase user engagement.

As it is, the average engagement for videos is higher than that of images. If you want more success for your effort on Instagram, join the bandwagon. Use everything within your reach—quality photos, live videos, regular videos, and Insta Stories.

Pump Up Your Captioning Game
Besides hashtags, your captions will make or break your online marketing efforts via Instagram. Captioning is your shot at telling a story using text. Don’t assume that your photo will speak for itself. Granted, a good one will grab the attention of your audience but the words next to it will make them want to delve deeper into your story. Work on your captioning game over time until you hack it. In the end, you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t let Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account lie to you. Growing a healthy list of Instagram followers is no mean feat. It takes a high level of commitment, patience, and willingness to learn and unlearn different tricks. If you want to take things a notch higher, grab your Kicksta new coupons and let the pros hold your hand in hacking this Instagram thing.

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