The Technological Music Industry

The Technological Music Industry

The Music industry of today is a whole different ball game than what it was merely 10 years ago. Physical sales of CDs have dropped and streaming music online is at an all-time high. Underground and non-mainstream music is now more popular across varied age groups. Additionally, the adage ‘there is something for everyone in music’ is now more relevant than ever.

Even producing music has become a lot more accessible. However, independent artists still find it tough to do it all by themselves. An independent artist has to not only write and produce music but also manage marketing, distribution, and booking shows among other things. In this process, creativity tends to take a hit which leads to careers ending before they can even begin. It is at this point that a music label steps in and should an artist or a band be lucky enough to be backed, it becomes a lot easier for them to focus on the more important aspect of creativity.

Among major music labels out there, an up and coming independent music label by the name of Guin Records, provides various services to artists especially of the Hip-Hop and R&B genre. The name comes from the bird penguin, which is also a part of their logo. The label is run by siblings Milan & Misha Kordestani. Their father Omid Kordestani is the Executive Chairman at Twitter and an influential name in the tech industry.

Guin Records was formed inside the college dorm of Milan not only for his love for music but also to help bring out unheard talent to the world. On his business partner and sister Misha, he adds “She has an incredible ear for recognizing a hit song. She can spot the next best thing a mile away”. The label provides production, promotion and distribution services to Hip-Hop and R&B artists. They have yet to sign any artists as they aimed to break into the business putting music first, then focusing on hiring the right personnel and signing artists. Guin Records has already set their future plans in motion by looking for artists to sign to their roster and providing them with a much larger global outreach program.

The music industry is definitely a changing and ever evolving landscape. The dynamics of it are incredible. Technology has played a major role in its evolution and will always continue to do so. The future of music rests in the hands of upcoming musicians and their unique approach to it. However, there are always under-privileged artists who do not see any fame. Despite being incredibly talented, they often go unnoticed. This is a travesty, and one which the Kordestani siblings want to change with their homegrown Guin Records. We can expect big things from this stellar brother-sister duo in future for sure!