The Newest Features Available in Gaming Laptops
Keith Stoddard

Gaming laptops are great for those who like to play games away from home or need to move their system around consistently. While most people prefer to use traditional PCs to play games, many people prefer to use laptops for convenience and portability. Some companies specialize in creating gaming laptops and the parts that go in them. Laptop manufacturers are consistently updating their systems and adding new features to their products.

One of the most crucial parts of any gaming laptop is the graphics that it is capable of producing. This capability is determined by the computer’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Companies are always improving their GPUs to keep up with the new games that are released. Currently, the GPU market is controlled by a few companies that continue to release new technology. These new GPUs are often in high demand and can be hard to purchase. GPUs are one of the first features that buyers should look at when choosing a laptop to use for gaming.

Another feature that is important for a gaming laptop is the monitor. The technology that goes into monitors has quietly improved over the years. Currently, the most advanced monitors allow 4K images to display at their full capacities. This ability ensures that users will be able to have their monitors project any game to its full potential. The monitor also determines how much delay there is between the keyboard and the image on the screen. Reducing this delay is crucial in many games and can help players improve their experience. One more aspect of the screen, which must be determined, is the size. Most laptops have around a 15-inch screen. This size allows for games to be displayed well while still allowing the system to be portable.

Since laptops are used on the go often, a feature that must be taken into consideration is battery life. Laptops used for gaming commonly have a shorter battery life than others due to the higher strain put on them. Currently, some of the top performers in this category can get over ten hours of power on a full charge. The need for battery capacity depends on how much the user plans to travel with their device. If users plan to be close to a power source, this feature may not be as important.

One final feature is the keyboard of the laptop. While it is not a necessity, the comfort and efficiency of a keyboard are critical to users. A quality gaming keyboard contains keys that are easy to press but are still responsive. External keyboards are an option for laptops, but this should be a second option.

There are many aspects of a gaming laptop. However, the decisions come down to what is essential to the user and what their budget is. Some laptops have great features in specific categories but lack in others. Users need to consider what is most important to them and make a decision based on what best fits their needs.

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