The Importance of
Online Forums

The Importance of Online Forums

In a marketing climate that relies on social media to gain recognition, it has proven to be quite an effective means for businesses and groups. Since the dawn of the Internet, forums have been an incredible social outlet that has had a tremendous effect on online society and has become commonplace.

The popularity of online forums engages communities in specific topics that is open for discussion. There are subject matters that virtually cover everything imaginable, reaching a massive range of participants. Subjects are vast with discussions that vary from lighthearted to very intense. Expressing yourself on certain issues that are of importance including everything from politics and religion, to sharing grandmother’s apple pie recipe. Main topics are opened on a forum board for discussion called “threads” where individuals post their comments and views to the thread. Sometimes these threads can branch off in relationship to the main topic.

One example of a forum supporting the growth of an industry is online gambling. This vertical has soared tremendously since its conception in the mid-1990s and as a result affiliates sites began to erupt as a resourceful guide and “go to” for players. Sites like Latest Casino Bonuses (LCB) established in 2006 has been built an impressive amount of members and it is in part due to the forums. It is a fine example of how forums bring a community together in a family like environment.

Threads focus on casino promotions, bonuses, and so forth, allowing members to share their personal experiences. This gives the gambling community the type of information that is important in determining where to play or not play and serves as a tool. In addition to gambling related discussions is the “General” board that engages members in conversation unrelated to the online casino industry. This has served as beneficial in creating a close knit community adding more personalization to members as well as sharing opinions and views outside of the gambling world.

Building a customer rapport used to be exclusive to brick and mortar establishments on an in-person basis.  It has since been borrowed from land based businesses and incorporated to the online market.


LCB is a model example of how forums can bolster your business. Retaining an impressive following of members proves to be conducive in the growth of the company by offering helpful and useful information that is passed on to fellow members. Learning from one another while sharing a special interest with tips, tricks and solid advice along the way is extremely vital to the growth of the gambler.

Referrals by members’ builds forum participation as well as increased traffic of visitors to the site. Incentives to encourage postings and membership is enhanced with the LCB gift shop. Along with other social media like Twitter, Facebook and G+ it drives even more traffic to the site.

Without a forum and its members, it’s uncertain if LCB would reach quite the success it has become today. In running any type of business it is highly recommended that a forum is available to not only build a community but retain returning traffic. It is also necessary to have moderators to monitor forum boards to guard against any potential problems. Not following a certain etiquette of respect in posts by exhibiting inappropriate behavior can lead to a warning, temporary suspension or a permanent ban.

Forum posters who take advantage of the site for their own personal gain and try to advertise other businesses is completely prohibited and is regarded as “spamming”. Misinforming members by giving poor advice, or wrongfully slamming an accredited site for the purpose to retaliate will be handled in the appropriate manner by moderators and/or admins.

It is wise to always remember that not everything you read online is true. While forums are a great way to learn, to grow and to meet people from around the world, it’s important to have a team that protects its members from false and misguided information.