The Benefits of Students Getting
Involved in Theatre Arts

A false belief for students is that the core curricular subjects are the only aspects of their education. In fact, for many students, this is a belief that hurts their education the most. Children need arts for a well-rounded education.

It isn’t only about learning mathematical equations. They won’t only get by on being able to write sonnets and pros. It doesn’t always matter if they can recite the presidents.

Many students find their well-rounded educations grounded in things like the arts. One of those areas of the arts that can make your student blossom is theatre arts. The theater is more than standing on a stage and remembering your lines. Theatre arts represent a collaborative community that teaches your students to focus on skills they enjoy.

If your student has been leaning towards the performing arts it is time to pay attention to their needs. You may want to inform yourself on what theatre arts encompasses. Here is why your student getting involved in theatre arts is a great option for them.

The History of the Arts

Depending on the path you’ve chosen for your life, you may not understand how important an arts education is. Theatre arts assist your child with having a well-rounded education. The origins of theatre date back to the 6th-century b.c.

2,500 years ago, theatre first began as a way to honor the gods and tell stories of mythical creatures. These stories were both for entertainment and information purposes. Theatre has only grown and changed for the better in this time.

Cultures and customs are ingrained around ideas for these shows. Much of history has been told through performances and this is something that will continue for generations. Theatre is a dedicated way of expression.

Everyone knows the name William Shakespeare. Shakespeare was a thespian who built much of what theater still hinges upon. He is also responsible for much of what we learn in high school English classes. He is also one of the many people who built the theatre to be what it is today

Great names in theater are not limited to Shakespeare. By following this education avenue, your child will learn all about those who have influenced the theatre. One day they may even be one of those beneficial names.

Theatre Arts in High Schools

One of the questions most parents want to know is when theatre came into high schools. In 1965 Brittian was the first place to introduce theatre arts into their curriculum. Theatre became a vital role in the education of students.

Students are trained under professionals and are educated in every aspect of theatre history. They were able to study the craft of the past while also learning how to run a show. There is more that goes into the performing ars than being an actor.

It wasn’t too long after this that the US and other countries followed by adding theatre study into their high schools.

For years now, public education has threatened to take away the opportunity of theatre education within their grounds. Many have not taken the time to see how beneficial theater learning can be.

This is one of the reasons that theater art high school could be an influential decision for your children. They would also be able to learn in an area where theatre is taken seriously. Where they can hone in on their skills.

Most schools have elected to fight to keep arts courses available to their learners. Your child will be able to form a relationship with their directors and teachers on a level that best benefits them. In some cases, theatre even contributes to positive mental health for your student.

Theatre and Mental Health

A benefit of theatre that is often overlooked is the detrimental effect a program can have on your child’s mental health. Theatre has been shown to improve a student’s mental health by giving them an outlet. Students are able to express themselves in many different ways.

Creative expression and mental health have been shown to be deeply linked. When students can articulate their thoughts and words they aren’t bottling up their feelings. They have the option of getting their thoughts and feelings out in a healthy way.

If you’re looking for a healthy way for your child to learn self-expression, theatre is often one of the best. They can find an area that best suits their interests and personality. It will help them to grow mentally as they learn the craft.

Encourage your child to be themselves and explore a craft that they enjoy. Their mental health thriving will be a great benefit for their lives. It will put them on the path to finding a trajectory that provides them happiness and creativity.

A Deep Dive Into the Benefits of Theatre Education 

What sets your student apart when they’re in a theatre arts high school is the experience they can have. There are different types of benefits that are explored once your child begins their program. It’s time to take a deeper look at what those benefits are.

A sense of community is one of those areas that your child will grow and explore. To put on a show your student needs to learn how to work with others. The only way to assure that everything runs smoothly is to work together and assist your peers.

Shows will put their memories to the test. Putting on a show includes remembering lines. It also includes a tech group and sound booth that know exactly when their cues are and what to do when it’s their turn.

Confidence is another huge area that comes out of the theatre. Those successful shows will live on in your child’s memory for years. They will gain the ability to showcase their skills and prove themselves as artists.

Math isn’t the only way your children learn something about problem-solving. In live theatre, your kids have one chance to get everything correct. This means that they need to think on the spot to make sure everything in their show goes correctly.

Performers learn to see creativity around them. They can hone situations and create worlds out of their imagination. Many students excel in creativity and find their niche in performance.

You will watch your child blossom doing something they love within high school performing arts. They will find an area that they feel secure in. At times it isn’t even on the stage. Theatre is an all-inclusive trade.

A Popular College Option

You might be wondering what stands for college opportunities if your student attends a theatre arts high school. The great news for you and your student is that there are plenty of higher education options for them. Theatre has grown over the years and many colleges offer majors in theatre.

Hundreds of schools will give your student the chance to audition for their programs. They can work on their reels and their audition pieces so that they have the best chance to be at the top of their game and impress the board of these colleges.

College options include colleges and universities such as Emerson College and Yale University. Just because your child decides that they want to go into theatre doesn’t mean that it disqualifies them from top-notch schools. It means they have found their passion in expression and community.

Teens must work their hardest to have a full resume and reels for many of these competitive programs. It gives them the benefit of having more competition for these valuable and hard to get into programs.

Most of the time, your students will be hard at work practicing their craft so that they can continue to achieve their goals. There will be rehearsing and being ready for performance constantly. Your student will know how vital practice is for their skills.

Students understand that to continue progressing, they need to put in their all and find the shows that make them the happiest. Continuing with their education will be vital should they decide to continue their theatre goals.

A Benefit to Their Future

One of the biggest questions that come to mind is how will a theatre arts high school influence your child in the future? What are the benefits of them learning stage crafts? Believe it or not, theatre can have a major influence on your child’s future.

Some of the best performing arts colleges your child can attend are the best forms of education for them. Your child’s education will benefit from choosing to study theater.

Theatre holds a host of opportunities for future endeavors. Stagecraft isn’t the only thing your student will learn. Your child will be able to explore other options that intrigue them too.

Being on stage will allow your child the chance to learn how to speak in front of people. Public speaking can be transferred to many different types of future professions.

Another area of theatre that transfers well into different areas of your student’s life is sound. Leaning the soundboard gives them the chance to hear in a new way. They could find a future in areas such as being a hearing specialist.

Students who choose the backstage portion of theatre have an open world of options. They learn people skills to communicate with their peers that will transfer well to running businesses. They will learn how to organize and plan their time.

Lighting is also a big part of the theater. The skills acquired with lighting could influence your child should they decide to go into film or even construction.

By going into theatre, your student opens doors to many different job options. Your child’s options are not limited because they’ve chosen theatre.

Skills of Communication

One of the greatest things your child will get from the theater arts is a sense of community. They will have the benefit of having an entire program around them that supports their goals. Students find a sense of belonging among one another that makes them happy to continue their schooling.

It isn’t only while they’re in the school building that your child has support. Joining a theatre program means they’re part of a bigger society. Questions such as “what is thespian society” can fill you in on any of those questions you may have.

Belonging to a theatre group is a great sense of belonging and society for any student. It gives them the option to meet people who will influence many choices and decisions throughout their lives. Theater teachers are some of the most encouraging influencers your child will have.

Students learn to hone their craft and to become great directors and teachers themselves. These skills are some that they will continue to build through their lives.

Encouraging Students to Get Involved in Theatre Arts

When your child goes into a theater arts high school they find a sense of belonging and community. Theater arts is a form of self-expression. This self-expression is vital to your student’s education.

Your student is not limited to working on stage. They will learn the skills that will go with them in many different areas. The theatre courses will influence many of their future options.

For other questions regarding your child’s future in the theatre arts take a look at our blogs. We’d be happy to tell you more of the benefits that your student will be able to experience through their chosen form of education.