The Benefits of Natural Gas in Business

The Benefits of Natural Gas in Business

It helps to be practical about cost-effective resources when operating a business. Switching to using gas can be a massive cost saving as gas is 3 to 4 times cheaper than electricity per kilowatt. Natural gas is also twice as clean when compared to coal powered-electricity, which is another great reason to consider using gas for business purposes.

If you have been considering switching to gas, or already operate your business on gas, consider the following information on why gas is better for business.

A Short History of Natural Gas

Natural gas has been trapped under the earth’s surface for millions of years and provides the globe with the needed resource for daily operations. Natural gas is used for residential, industrial, manufacturing, commercial, electric power and automotive fuel. Most natural gas is utilized for the fueling of vehicles, home or businesses.

Around the 500 B.C period, the Chinese discovered that fires fueled by gas in the earth could be harnessed and used for their advantage. They found various sources of gas seepage to the surface and quickly realized the potential of natural gas. Around 1785, Britain first commercialized the use of gas in the world. They did this by using the gas from coal to burn street lights and residential lamps.

The United States started manufacturing gas in the early 1800’s but soon discovered that manufactured gas was harmful to the environment and much less efficient than natural gas. During most of the 19th century, gas was manufactured from coal and used for lighting purposes. Gas used for heating and cooking quickly became a reality when Robert Bunsen invented the Bunsen Burner which could now open opportunities for heating and cooking around the world.

The Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is used for residential and commercial heating of water, spaces or rooms, and for cooking – this is done via mains gas methods. Natural gas is also used for electricity, and most businesses prefer using gas to power their buildings to avoid power outages controlled by electrical components or providers.

Gas is energy efficient and can thereby reduce the costs of powering a building by cutting out the utility bills of electricity.  Natural gas is also kinder to the environment as it emits the least amount of carbon dioxide when compared to other fossil fuels.

Saving on Costs

Saving money when operating a business is important and, for this very reason, there are utility brokers who can assist you with renewing with or switching to gas companies in order to economize. Utility bidders will negotiate the best pricing on your behalf for your business with business gas suppliers in order to save you time and money.

Utility bidders can give you advice on using less gas to minimize operational costs but also ensure that your business is not paying high rates for gas. Switching from electrical suppliers to business gas suppliers might work out in your favor when comparing pricing. Most business gas suppliers offer competitive pricing, which makes it relatively easy to pick a supplier that offers the best quote.