Take Flight! Creative Marketing Ideas to Help Your Campaigns Soar

Take Flight! Creative Marketing Ideas to Help Your Campaigns Soar

Most business owners understand the need for marketing to succeed, but 14% of businesses still fail due to poor marketing campaigns. These businesses fail to understand what their customers want from them.

Failed campaigns are often due to stale marketing techniques. You can fix this problem with some creative marketing ideas to shake things up.


In a survey, consumers stated that 77% of current brands are irrelevant. This perception comes from the lack of content that appeals to them.

If you don’t want to become irrelevant to your customers, you need to make sure your marketing adds value and creativity. With the right strategies, you can make your business stand out from the rest.

Offline Marketing Ideas

So much time is spent on online marketing techniques that we forget about offline opportunities. One way you can prove your creativity and relevancy is to remember your offline marketing needs.

Spend time marketing in your local community. Use your surroundings for fun marketing opportunities. These opportunities include

  • Sidewalk art
  • Using materials around your business for creative marketing
  • Outside-the-box sponsorship

You can paint murals that represent your business or use parts of the outside atmosphere to add a little fun advertising. You can sponsor a program that fits in with your business or get creative with sponsorship to show community spirit.

You can even use these offline marketing techniques for new online content. Take pictures of your creative advertising and share them online. You can even use drone photography services to show off your creativity.

Social Media Marketing Ideas

Another way to remain relevant is to take advantage of social media. 63% of customers expect access to businesses through social media. Make sure they know how to find you.

Share your social media handles everywhere you can.

  • Provide links on your website
  • Post links in presentations
  • Print your handles on business cards

Customers want you to do more than exist on social media though. Make sure you’re engaging with them. Take part in relevant conversations or hashtags.

Provide customer service on these sites. Make social media a place they can connect with you.

Social Media Contests

You can add some fun to your social media accounts with customer contests. Get them involved with photo or video content contests. Let them show off how they’re using your products.

You can also do caption contests for new images or let them vote on new material. Let them get involved.

Creative Marketing with Pop Culture and Current Events

We often think we need to stay out of current events or current pop culture to keep from ruffling feathers or making our content irrelevant. You can use these devices to better connect with your customers though.

Use references they can relate to so you can provide another layer of connection with them. You can add a little controversy too, just make sure you understand your customers.

Another way to do this is by using fun holidays. There are ridiculous holidays for every day of the year. Find ones that are relevant to your business, and use these for fun promotions.

Embrace These Creative Marketing Ideas

Don’t let your marketing get stale and irrelevant. Creative marketing ideas help generate new content to keep your customers wanting more.

Combine your fun marketing techniques with valuable content to get the most out of it. Check out more marketing ideas on our blog.