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5 Best VPNs To Look for in 2022

There has always been a vital urge to increase online privacy and security. With 2022 coming closer and closer, it is essential to enhance security. There are various VPN service providers such as and more who can assist you in improving your online security.

A virtual private network helps to encrypt your data so that you can surf the internet securely. Furthermore, with the help of a VPN, you work on protecting your data from hackers. VPN is a tunnel that prevents the outer world from seeing what is going on in your website. It will protect all sensitive information such as banking data, passwords, and more.

Using a VPN on a mobile or computer can help to encrypt every data. Public WiFi is extremely dangerous. Therefore, entrepreneurs working on their remote startups should use a VPN when operating on public WiFi.

Features To Look for While Selecting A VPN In 2022:

The concept of VPNs is changing. You must analyze the basic elements before choosing one that suits your purpose.

Some of the key features to look for in a VPN include the following:

  • Unblocking Geo-Restricted Content
    If the VPN cannot unblock geo-restricted content, you need to switch to another service provider.
  • Privacy
    Businesses always look for privacy. Any VPN provider who cannot promise privacy is extremely risky. Many VPN companies have also been found guilty of tracking data.
  • Number Of Servers
    Before choosing a VPN for next year, always make sure to check the number of servers. You should check all the country options that the VPN service provider is offering. Different VPNs support different connection protocols. Therefore, it is advisable to do proper research about it.

The Best VPNs Of 2022

Every entrepreneur should consider getting a VPN for their business. While the internet is beneficial, it can also be a threat with the risk of a data leak. If you’re planning to launch a company, you need to keep track of everything.

Therefore, some of the prominent VPNs to choose in 2022 include the following:

1. Urban VPN

Urban VPN is a free VPN service that will allow you to unblock the various streaming sites. Moreover, the unblocking will only be done for unlimited bandwidth. Therefore, users will have the flexibility to stream as much content as they want.

One of the significant benefits of using Urban VPN is that it provides various server location access, unlike other VPN providers. It is free, anonymous, and fast. You can always download the mobile app to use it on your mobile device.

Urban VPN is supported across different operating systems such as Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android.

2. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN has to be one of the best VPN services to look forward to in 2022. The Android app version of the VPN will allow you to stream over 30 services such as YouTube, US Netflix, and more.

Ads can be annoying when you’re watching videos. Therefore, CyberGhost VPN can help to prevent the risk. Unlike other VPN service providers, CyberGhost VPN provides the option of data compression. This will be extremely useful if you have a limited data connection on your mobile. Furthermore, CyberGhost VPN also features the exclusive Kill switch feature.

3. IPVanish VPN

As the name suggests, the main aim of IPVanish VPN is to make your IP vanish. It plays a vital role in securing the local connection. You can use IPVanish VPN for almost all the platforms.

Comparatively, IPVanish VPN is hailed to be more secure than NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Similar to almost all the VPN service providers, IPVanish VPN, too, has the Kill switch feature along with a split-tunnel.

The best part about IPVanish VPN is that it has around 1300 servers. IPVanish VPN will not keep any of your logs. It is one of the most secure VPNs you can ever use. IPVanish VPN offers complete security and encryption protocols that can be of great help.

4. NordVPN

Honestly, no VPN ever can break the popularity of NordVPN. This is one of the best VPN service providers with its affordability, features, and speed. Furthermore, NordVPN gets a global coverage of around 62 countries.

Unlike other VPNs, NordVPN provides the benefit of speed in short ranges and long distances. You can use NordVPN on simultaneous connections. However, later on, you can also switch to using NordVPN for shopping. The ad-blocking feature is one of the best features.

5. Private Internet Access VPN

The Private Internet Access VPN will not allow anyone to monitor the activities of users. Therefore, individuals can download and enjoy particular videos without the fear of anyone watching over them.

Private Internet Access VPN also provides the benefit of 24*7 live support. Therefore, if you notice anything going wrong while browsing, you can always connect to the support.


If you want to improve your online security, a VPN can be of great help. However, with the development of the internet, the threats are increasing as well. Therefore, it is advisable to do proper research and choose an effective plan that will suit the purpose in no time.