Super Bowl LIII Social Media Buzz
Courtesy of Talkwalker

Patriots vs Rams Trending

New England Patriots: over 219,600 mentions linked to SBLIII (53%):

Los Angeles Rams: over 190,300 mentions linked to SBLIII (47%)

Two Brands Are Still Buzzing: Doritos with Chance the Rapper, really getting a buzz, and Pepsi did a cool action: “PepsiCo, in a surprise marketing stunt tied to this weekend’s Big Game, briefly placed a statue of its founder Caleb Bradham beside a life-size bronze statue of Coca-Cola founder John Pemberton, located outside the World of Coca-Cola in downtown Atlanta. The spot is near where Super Bowl pre-game activities are taking place, ground zero for dueling marketing by the ferociously competitive cola brands.

Number of relevant mentions of and about Superbowl 2019 (30 days on blogs, news sites, forums & social media): over 5.6 million mentions and 38.9 million likes/shares with a very strong peak on both January 20th and 21st 2019, after the Conference Championships. The trend is increasing due to strong ads being released (Pepsi, Budweiser) and celebrity endorsement.

Top stories linked to SBLIII in terms of online shares (Twitter, Facebook, etc)

The weather is still leading the game, with two CNN websites mentioning the bad weather and the weather-risk the SBLIII faces (over 831,800 million shares/likes).

A 10 year old wins a science fair demonstrating that Tom Brady is a cheater (over 170,800 shares)

Pizza Hut Expands Beer Delivery Just in Time For Super Bowl LIII (over 125,000 social shares)

Nice figure: Over 4,712,000 tweets linked to SBLIII in the last 30 days, 83.5% of all social media activity.

Top 5 Hashtags         Mentions

  1. #NFLPlayoffs                 452,700
  2. #SuperBowl                  388,000
  3. #SBLIII                        284,000
  4. #NFL                            109,700
  5. #EverythingWeGot         106,300

“EverythingWeGot” is the Patriot’s slogan for 2019 Playoffs and seems to be a pretty hit as fans tend to tweet it broadly.

Top Brands Trending

Top ad increases mostly driven through celebrity endorsement and environmental causes

The big winners with the strongest increases on social media since the ad reveal (30 days period) are clearly

  • Pepsi (Cardi B effect),
  • Doritos (Chance the Rapper effect)
  • and in a certain perspective Budweiser (emotional green energy “Wind never felt better” campaign, 14,027,123  views on Youtube so far).

The Pepsi Cardi B Effect Dilutes Coke’s Online Presence

Pepsi is marking the strongest SBLIII buzz after Cardi B’s post with a quick reveal of the new Pepsi ad featuring her and Lil Jon & Steve Carrell (over 170,100 shares, mostly likes on Twitter), releasing the new hashtag #PepsiMoreThanOK (already over 18,100 mentions and 80,400 shares, with a strong positive perception).  This aggressive campaign, and the SBLIII half-time buzz, seems to allow Pepsi to win both the mention battle (347,600 Pepsi mentions vs 144,300 Coke mentions) and the engagement battle (2,6 million Pepsi shares/retweets vs 1,5 million Coke shares/retweets in North America in the last 30 days). Before January 2019, both brands had an equal social media exposure.