The Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Your Social Media Following

The Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Your Social Media Following

It is no secret that social media can help you increase sales and brand visibility. Knowing how to use social media effectively, however, is another story entirely. Far too many brands fail at creating engaging content and engaging their followers in meaningful ways. Yes, you can boost your posts to get likes and even new followers, but unless you engage with them and create meaningful relationships with them your brand will eventually just become another voice in the background.

Creating a community is the best way small businesses can gain the audience and sales they need to thrive. To do this, follow this step-by-step guide to grow your social media following organically:

Have a Unique Aesthetic

Putting more effort into product photography will go a long way. It doesn’t matter if you sell homework items, fashion garments, or even digital services. There is an aesthetic and taking the time to create a repertoire of beautiful images that showcase your product or service you will create a compelling account users would be happy to follow. The goal of social media advertising is to advertise without making your followers feel like you are advertising.

Know How to Use Each Social Media Platform 

There are so many tools for businesses to use when it comes to social media. Unfortunately, many of those tools will be restricted to you until you have a big enough audience. A great example of this is with Instagram, who have now incorporated the ability to link products in your posts to your website or the ability to send users to a link through your Instagram Stories. To use links in your stories, for instance, you will need a follower count of over ten thousand. To link products to your photos, you will need to be approved for shopping on Instagram. Either way, knowing how to use each social media platform will be invaluable as a business.

Use Video Content

Beautiful videos are great to increase engagement because you can convey information without any effort on the part of your follower. If you are new to video editing and otherwise don’t have the budget to hire a professional, however, don’t worry. You can easily create beautiful videos with little effort. You don’t even need any special equipment. New phones have the ability to shoot in high-definition. All you need to do is opt for the setting that allows you to shoot in 60fps, which will typically be accompanied by 1080p quality. This is enough to get you quality footage perfect for social media. From there, use a video creator to edit together a professional video that can tell a story and increase engagement in no time.


Comment on other people’s posts, respond to comments, ask questions, and engage. Use a call to action in your caption that encourages your users to comment or tag their friends. Host contests, special giveaways, and more. The more genuine your engagement, the better.

Whatever your strategy, remember that every social media platform favors users who post consistently. Draft posts in advance and post at least once a day, remembering to like, comment, and respond to other users as you go. Do this, and you’ll increase your social media following in no time.