How To Spot The Best Social Media Partner For Your Cause

How To Spot The Best Social Media Partner For Your Cause
by Robert Fine

The influencer market is a big part of how companies use social media and the internet overall in order to promote their services and to enhance their marketing campaigns. It is deemed a highly successful tool and it has the power of steering public opinion in the desired direction. As a result, many companies find influencers using HYPR’s platform. However, partnering up with the best social media influencer for your cause isn’t going to be easy or obvious. It’s not like they hold up a big sign saying “I’m the best choice for you”. In that respect, we have you covered. Here are some tips on how to pick the right social media influencer for your business or campaign:

choosing the right digital marketing partner

It Has To Make Sense

If you’re just going to pick an influencer based on numbers, you’re going to have a bad time. Getting the most famous influencer on the internet to promote your product won’t have the same effect as getting a slightly less famous influencer which actually has some relevance to what you’re selling. Relevance is essential here. Make sure that the influencer you choose has a natural way of suggesting your services or products to their audience, otherwise it would just be blatant marketing and their audience won’t stand for it.

Going The Best Route

Once you shake hands with a social media influencer, the next step is to make sure that they’re using the right channels to promote your business. It’s best if you give your influencers as much creative freedom as you can, as it will keep the whole project more genuine looking and tailored to the specific audience it’s catering to. However, you should also discuss together what’s the best approach in terms of a platform or even a delivery method. Maybe their audience reacts better to videos than memes or blogging, and maybe the influencer has a bigger following on Instagram than they have on Facebook. In this scenario, promoting your business through a video on Instagram would help you reach as many people as possible. That’s just an example however, so having that meeting is important for getting the details straight.

Keeping It Genuine

Telling a large following that your product is awesome, with a straight face, will only give you results if the influencer actually likes your product. Choose your influencers carefully and try to approach influencers that genuinely like your product. Depending on what you’re selling, maybe they’re already a fan and a frequent user, which would make it even better as far as an endorsement deal goes.  When the influencer likes your stuff, words like “hey guys, you should really try this” come out a lot more natural and genuine. An online audience will immediately pick up on this, and people will notice if the influencer isn’t being sincere about their opinion on your product.