Social Media Trends for 2022
Michael Mandell

As the number one lawyer on social media, with over six million TikTok followers, five hundred thousand Instagram followers, and over 750,000 followers on YouTube, I’ve learned how today’s most popular platforms function, operate, and value content. While I’d love to claim my understanding grew out of conscientious due diligence before I posted my first TikTok video, I owe my initial success to stumbling on the right formula. However, to sustain that success, I’ve had to earn a “homemade master’s degree” social media. One thing I can say for certain is that the technology evolves constantly. It isn’t like learning a new language. You have to constantly and vigilantly work to stay ahead of the curve. I love sharing that knowledge with others–so content creators, here are the trends to watch for this year.

Social Media Trending Toward Short-Form Content

There’s a strong trendline that’s been rewarding short-form video content. It’s easy to feel daunted–like you have to produce a mini-Hollywood film–but the more organic and personable a video seems (while presenting audiences with new perspectives), the more likely it is to draw engagement.

I see feeds filled with easily digestible content catering to today’s demand for information a viewer can absorb in thirty seconds or a minute. More importantly, however, short-form content offers the opportunity for repeated engagement from followers. Brands that provide brief, snackable content regularly create genuine familiarity and trust, but candidly, also keep viewers returning to a channel compulsively.

Online Shopping Trending Toward Social Media Platforms

Businesses are learning the importance of reaching new and broader demographics as the online shopping experience pivots towards social media. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok continue to rise on a meteoric trajectory and may soon dominate a large chunk of the advertising market space.

These platforms offer users a unique ability to reach out and engage their audiences. Increasingly, businesses are turning to social media for widespread and direct contact with their consumers. And from the perspective of platform corporate strategy, I would be very surprised to learn that the plan to monetize value for shareholders and equity investors does not primarily focus on taking over the advertising space.

Companies Hiring More People to Manage Social Media Presence

In past years, social media was primarily a place to develop brand awareness. Now, those platforms have built the infrastructure and algorithms to generate a level of revenue that could exceed any other medium. This year, companies will look for creators or social media managers and place greater importance on these roles. The companies that don’t will be left behind. These firms will always have the opportunity to begin utilizing the platforms, but because the space does not function like traditional advertising, the learning curve will be disastrous for an organization that must play from behind. The first movers that step into the space now may find they have an insurmountable advantage compared to latecomers.

In prior years, most companies relegated social media management to a side project of the marketing team. In 2022, look for dedicated professionals with proven expertise to take over these jobs, and any organization should think carefully about the fact that these positions pay well, and sometimes occupy whole departments. Entering the world of platforms will have a much higher barrier to entry than historical advertising methods.

Reaching New and Broader Audiences Becomes the Priority

Reaching new audiences will become the number one social media goal for businesses. Increasing online presence through consistent posting will become a top priority, and spam won’t cut it. Creators will need relevant, creative, and buzz-generating content.

Social media creators will aim to develop deeper relationships with their existing audiences through content in 2022. Look for trends designed to increase engagement by using tools such as live videos, chats, Q&As, and polls.

Social Media Trending to New Virtual Spaces

New virtual spaces like the metaverse and virtual currencies may rival national currencies, especially if a major world power, like China, decides to back one of them. Augmented reality (AR) enables consumers to try before they buy without ever leaving their homes. AR is poised to become one of the most popular marketing strategies. This innovative method of engaging with consumers is on the rise and should not be ignored.

Marketing Is Becoming Progressively Organic

Marketing will continue to evolve from direct pitches to organic use by influencers in their content. Many companies have seen the benefit of partnering with influencers to promote products. In 2022, there will be an even greater push for companies to seek out influencers who complement their brands’ vibe. If companies choose wisely, influencers can deliver large and loyal audiences already predisposed to be interested in the brands’ products.

Organic marketing through social media influencers spreads brand awareness, increases reach and builds trust with customers. It’s a long-term play, but it has the power to build increased lead generation over time.

While we can track short-term trends, long-term, we can distill the one ironic and paradoxical constant of social media simply: continued, unpredictable market evolution is the one thing we can safely predict. In upcoming months, expect a rise in short-form content, virtual spaces, augmented reality, and organic marketing from social media influencers. Social media will become a priority for brands in all industries with dedicated staff employed to enhance engagement and broaden the brand’s reach.

Michael L. Mandell is the #1 lawyer on social media with over 6 million followers due to the popularity of his legal tips and entertaining posts. Mandell is an attorney based out of Los Angeles, California, with an undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California and a law degree from Duke University, which was recently ranked the top law school on the planet. In addition to his successful following, Mandell practices in various legal areas, specifically in personal injury and criminal law. Mandell has concentrated his talents on redefining the justice process and propelling his profession into the 21st century. Michael and his team at Mandell Law rely on a bespoke, people-first approach to maximize award outcome success and client satisfaction.