Social Media Tips
To Promote A Trade Show

Social Media Tips To Promote A Trade Show

Promoting a trade show through social media is a powerful way to reach a large audience online and in the real world. If nobody knows you’re attending a trade show, you have to depend on meeting the people who go to one of these shows. However, if you let people know that your exhibiting through your social media channels, it opens up a whole new audience who may attend to see what you have to offer. These are some effective social media tips that will help you attract more people to your next trade show.


Build Your Audience

You can’t simply go onto a social media website, make an announcement about a trade show and expect potential customers to flock to your exhibition stand on the day of the show. You have to build an audience of people who have an interest in your products or services.

The most effective ways to build a social media audience are through sponsored ads and publishing valuable content. Once you have this audience, you then have to start building a relationship with them. Interacting with online followers and continuing to publish valuable content is the most effective way to do this.

Run A Campaign In The Run-Up To A Trade Show

There’s very little point making an announcement about a show just a few days before it takes place. You have to give possible attendees plenty of notice about this type of event. You also have to give them a good reason to attend and come to your stand. Creating videos, images and content that give details about you, your business and your products or services is an effective way to introduce yourself and promote your stand at a trade show.

Your audience should be notified about your attendance at a trade as soon as you know when you’re attending. You can announce this and continue to remind your audience until the day of the big event. If you continue adding valuable content, holding competitions and interacting positively with your audience, they will be less likely to get irritated by your reminders about the trade show. Many will even be excited to attend and finally meet you in person.

While you’re publishing content, use various hashtags that describe the event. People looking for information about a particular show may stumble across your social media profiles through these hashtags.

At The Trade Show

The trade show itself is a perfect opportunity to combine your offline marketing efforts with your social media efforts. Take videos and photos of your stand and the attention it gets from attendees at the event. However, if you do this, make sure you use a high quality stand provided by exhibition stand experts like Post these images and videos on your social media accounts to keep your audience updated about the current events that are taking place. Content added on the day could include testimonials from customers, their experiences dealing with your business, and presentations taking place at your booth.

Social media is perfect for promoting trade shows. First you build an interested audience, then you run a campaign in the run-up to your trade show, and finally let people know what’s happening during the show itself.