Social Media Strategy: Honing Your Skill Set for Improved Marketability

Social Media Strategy: Honing Your Skill Set for Improved Marketability
By Mike Brown

Windmill Networking blog post highlighted fifteen social media activities and mindsets professionals need to address toward improving their 2013 marketability. The social media activities list provided a solid overview of fundamental social media strategy thinking and expertise areas.Many of you have already absorbed the fundamentals of social media strategy and live them out on a daily basis. Yet I know for many others, especially mid-career professionals, social media is something you’re barely and only begrudgingly embracing—and then often only sporadically.

Fifteen Social Media Strategy Thinking and Expertise AreasFor all of you, here is a recap of the fifteen social media fundamentals list, along with a link to a previous post I’ve written for each topic. While you definitely need to explore other sources, these articles on social media fundamentals provide initial ideas if you’ve been resisting social media as a more important part of your professional skill repertoire.

Here are the fifteen social media thinking and expertise areas for you to address:

  1. Having an Active Personal Social Presence
  2. Understanding the Importance of Engagement
  3. Knowing the Role Social Media Listening Plays
  4. Being Flexible and Open to New Approaches
  5. Getting a Handle on Understanding Social Media on an Ongoing Basis
  6. Diligent in Social Media Monitoring
  7. Actively Connect with Customers
  8. Regular Analysis to Monitor Performance
  9. Strong Content Creation
  10. Tie Social Media to Business-Related Goals
  11. Possess a Long-Term Orientation
  12. Integrating Traditional and Social Media Strategy
  13. Having at Least a Cursory Understanding of SEO
  14. Reaching Out to Collaborate Across Departments within the Organization
  15. Know who the Top Influencers Are in Your Industry
How are you stacking up on these social media strategy activities and mindset recommendations?Do you have a long or short list to improve your 2013 marketability? If you’re in good shape, is there someone else you know who could benefit from this list? Maybe you can share it with them. That would be a great demonstration of #2!

Mike Brown is the founder of the Brainzooming Group. He has been at the forefront of leading Fortune 500 culture change, contributing new approaches in research, developing simplified tools for innovation, strategy planning, and aligning sales, marketing, and communications strategies for maximum business results. Additionally, he’s won multiple awards for his strategic brand-building approach to customer experiences in NASCAR and conference event marketing efforts.