A Social Media Profile of
Matt Johnson, VP Marketing,
Tough Mudder

A Social Media Profile of
Matt Johnson, VP Marketing, Tough Mudder
By Tim Savage

Name : Matt Johnson, VP Marketing, Tough Mudder
Twitter : @mjohn
About.me : MattAJohnson
LinkedIn : MatthewAJohnson


Social Media Marketing Vision

Matt Johnson of Tough Mudder has built a brand by optimizing social media as a content distribution channel. Brands are to bring content to people that they want to consume. That content fortifies the followers and customers of the brand. Tough Mudder engages its brand managers to create content that fits into the culture of each social media network as to engage the user and to increase the sharability of the content. This way, the brand of Tough Mudder grows first and the number of followers in the social network grows second.

Social Media Tip

  1. -90% of the work is creating the content.
  2. -Think of the content first and the social media network second.
  3. -Lead your team to think of social media as the distribution channel for the content.
Future of Social Media

  1. -Social media will focus on distribution of free content by brands and people.
  2. -People will look for and expect a higher level of content value from the brands they purchase from.
  3. -A new term will take the place of “social media” to better represent the medium’s distribution direction.
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