Social Media Productivity—19 Ideas for Spending Less Time Blogging

Social Media Productivity—19 Ideas for Spending Less Time Blogging
By Mike Brown

Yes, blogging takes time, especially if you are publishing on a regular, frequent schedule. When other business and life pressures push for time, something has to give. One approach is to improve your social media productivity. Recently, I was trying to figure out ways to spend less time blogging to free up time for other work and creative activities.

Social Media Productivity19 Ideas for Spending Less Time Blogging

Here’s my starting list of nineteen social media productivity ideas for spending less time blogging:

  1. Re-run previous posts with updates, new material, or even less detail
  2. Create compilation posts containing links to previous content you’ve created on a specific theme
  3. Feature more guest blog posts
  4. Spend less time editing blog posts
  5. Reduce the amount of time you invest to edit posts for SEO benefits
  6. Feature more cartoons or photo content with less writing
  7. Publish the blog less frequently
  8. Feature more video blog posts
  9. Incorporate content already created on other blogs
  10. Extend longer posts across multiple days
  11. Write shorter blog posts
  12. Hire someone to prepare and publish your blog posts
  13. Announce a blog vacation week
  14. Publish lists of tweets from an event
  15. Compile lists of links to other peoples’ blog posts you enjoy and find beneficial
  16. Write more of the types of posts that are fastest for you to write
  17. Use content you create in other venues (blog comments, emails, responses to LinkedIn groups, etc.) as the basis for a blog post
  18. Set a timer and only write for a certain amount of time then stop
  19. Develop an informal team and have them write more blog posts
Some of these social media productivity ideas are new. Some of these ideas for spending less time on blogging have appeared in various forms before (see number 1 above). Recently, I’ve tried 2, 4, 9, 11, and 18, although 13 is really at the top of my list!

Are you spending less time blogging than in the past?

What do you do to enhance your social media productivity and find new ways for spending less time blogging . . . assuming you’re at least blogging already.

Mike Brown is the founder of the Brainzooming Group. He has been at the forefront of leading Fortune 500 culture change, contributing new approaches in research, developing simplified tools for innovation, strategy planning, and aligning sales, marketing, and communications strategies for maximum business results. Additionally, he’s won multiple awards for his strategic brand-building approach to customer experiences in NASCAR and conference event marketing efforts.

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