Why Social Media Marketing Will Be Critical In 2017

Why Social Media Marketing Will Be Critical In 2017

Over the last few years, more and more social media channels have been created and have become extremely popular. As a result, businesses are using social media more than ever in order to connect with their target audience and interact with their followers. But social media marketing is set to become even more critical in 2017. So if you have not yet received your marketing degree online from a school like Arizona State University, now is the time to do it. Keep reading to learn why this is so important.


It Has Become A Primary Method To Drive Traffic

Aside from searches on Google, many consumers gather information about a business by visiting its social media pages. Back in August 2015, it was reported that Facebook was getting nearly 1.5 billion visitors logging into the site at least once every month. And about 1 in 7 individuals use the social media giant to connect with family and friends, as well as with the companies that they like. So when you think about the number of people who use social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as a few examples, it becomes abundantly clear that you need to be there to connect with them and encourage them to visit your website, thereby increasing traffic to your site.

It Has Become An Affordable Marketing Tool

Another reason why more businesses should be using social media marketing techniques in 2017 is because this is an affordable way to advertise your brand to the masses. First off, it is free to start an account on these sites, and you can customize your pages with eye catching images and the necessary information about your company, such as your contact information and website address. Beyond that though, you can also purchase very affordable ads and sponsored posts on everything from Facebook to Instagram. Therefore, this is definitely a way for struggling businesses to continue marketing themselves, and a way for top businesses to keep advertising while maintaining high profit margins.

It Can Help You Increase Your Sales

Right now, roughly 1 in 10 online purchases across the globe originate from a social network, and experts have stated that the number is expected to grow in 2017 and beyond. In other words, many consumers are not only using social media to connect with their loved ones, but also to find out about products and services, making their way toward an online purchase. If you’re not properly marketing your brand on several different social media channels, you’ll miss out on connecting with these consumers. But if you know how to use social media to your advantage, you can increase your sales.

Even though social media marketing has its perks and can provide a business with an affordable way to promote itself, there are also challenges involved. Getting your online marketing degree will teach you how to stay ahead of the challenges and effectively use the best online marketing and social media marketing tactics for success.