Social Media Can Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy

Social Media Can Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing is essential for any business, and there are plenty of techniques that you can use in order to reach your goals. Nowadays social media is one of the best methods of promoting your company. It is essential that you create an excellent online presence.You probably have a few social profiles already, but there are numerous things that you can do in order to enhance your strategies. We are here to share a couple of tips with you, and hopefully, this will help you attract potential customers.

Customize Your Posts for Different Social Media Platforms

If you use various social media platforms, you might be tempted to repeat your posts on all of them. However, this is not recommended and is better to customize posts for each platform. For example, Twitter statues must be concise, but you can add a picture as well, while Instagram focuses more on visual content. If you feel like this is too much work you can ask for professional help, such as Social Media Agency London.

Multimedia Content

Social media is all about attracting attention so you should make sure that you post all sorts of content. Pictures and videos are preferred because they catch the viewers’ attention. Additionally, these are the types of posts that get shared, so the audience for them will be a lot bigger. Instagram and YouTube are preferred for this content, although Facebook works as well.


When it comes to professional social media platforms, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most important one. You should make sure that your company has a profile there. You can post content that is related to your brand, and it would make your company well known.Create an Identity

When you post on social media, you should remember that you are trying to promote your brand so you should create an identity for it. One easy way to do it is by establishing certain elements such as a logo or a moto. Your brand should be recognized easily, and visual cues can help you with that.

Mix Offline Marketing with Online Marketing

When you create an offline marketing campaign, you should make sure that you merge it with your online marketing campaigns. This will help you create a full image of your company, and it will attract a broader audience. Stability is key, and your customers should see the same things both offline and online.

Surveys and Polls

Social media can also help you discover the tastes and preferences of your customers. One way to do that is by conducting online polls and surveys. By doing this, you will also manage to connect with your customers while receiving their opinion.

Post Content Constantly

When you have a social media profile, you should make sure that you post content regularly. Create a posting schedule and stick to it. Don’t just post random things, create a scheme before your post anything. You should also make sure that you post at certain hours when there is a bigger chance that your posts will be seen.Pay Attention to Less Popular Social Media Platforms as Well

While it is normal to focus on popular social media platforms, you should also take a look at new platforms that aren’t that well known. For example, Pinterest and StumbleUpon aren’t as popular as Facebook and Instagram, but they have their audiences as well.

Respond to Comment

User engagement is important, and your customers should know that their inquiries are taken seriously. If you receive any comments on your posts, it is a good idea to respond to them. This will make your clients know that they are taken seriously. Make sure you reply to inquiries on all your social media.

Contests and Campaigns

One way to attract more customers is by creating contests and campaigns. People will be more interested in your brand, and you will attract a broader audience as long as you promise specific rewards for the winners.

Contests don’t have to be huge and straightforward prizes are highly appreciated as well. You can also create specific rules, such as sharing your brand page in order to enter the contest.

Create a Community

Users will get more involved if they feel as if they are part of a group. Create closed groups on Facebook in order to unite your customers. They will be more, and their interest will grow. You will notice that members will become more loyal and the number of followers will grow.

Online marketing Metrics

Whenever you use a social media strategy, you should check and see whether they are working. You can do this by using various social media tools such as HootSuite. You will be able to measure social media marketing metrics and see correctly which techniques work.