How Social Media Can Boost A Luxury Brand

The idea of a luxury brand using social media can seem like a contradiction. At its heart, the appeal of a luxury product lies in its exclusivity, and social media campaigns promoting the product all over the internet could diminish this effect. However, with 60% of luxury sales being influenced by digital media, brands are realizing that to stay afloat, they need to promote their brand on as many computer and cell phone screens as possible to increase awareness and sales.

How Social Media Can Boost A Luxury Brand

Social media is one of the most powerful tools digital marketers have at their disposal, and the rise of the influencer, glamorous personas with large Instagram, Twitter or Facebook followers, has seen some serious investment pouring into this mode of marketing. But, how effective is it? And how can brands avoid tripping up in this complex and rapidly developing digital environment?

What’s the difference between an influencer and a celebrity? Influencers tend to have a smaller following, but they’re much more authoritative on a particular subject, as they market their social media pages toward a particular niche, whether it’s fitness, fashion or beauty tips, and their followers are much more likely to be encouraged by their endorsement. This sort of marketing strategy lends itself ideally to luxury companies, who have traditionally cultivated a small but passionate audience of loyal customers fully committed to the brand’s ethos.

Influencers can be vital to launching a luxury rebranding. Fashion house Gucci, for example, recaptured its former popularity through an extensive digital marketing campaign. Influencers used the phrase #TFWGUCCI to promote the brand’s high-end watches. Dozens of artists, designers and bloggers created memes featuring Gucci watches to circulate among followers, and in turn, generated discussion with a broader audience. The campaign, part of a wider relaunch of the Gucci brand, was a success and helped to put the luxury retailer back into profit.

If you’re working with a brand that wants to use influencers for their next digital campaign, you should first ensure that their main social networks are professional and up-to-date. This is what the world will see, and what will be pitched to influencers. Therefore, it’s important that it’s showcasing the best a brand has to offer. Various networks can connect companies with influencers, such as LinkedIn. Remember to thoroughly check the social media accounts of a potential influencer to ensure it’s the right kind of ambassador you want to associate with your brand.

It’s also important to be very clear in your brief what your goals, budget and scope are. Be upfront from the beginning about payment, as some influencers may be more expensive than others, and you don’t want to run over budget. Remember to consider the number of followers each influencer has when establishing a rate, and how well known they are outside their own social media circles.

Make your desired outreach goals prominent, and include the right keywords and phrases you want to be associated with the brand to establish the right tone and language. Provide summaries of content you want to be shared, and make sure to keep in touch throughout the campaign to ensure you’re both heading down the right track.