Social Media and Online Betting

Social Media and Online Betting

With the incredible boost of the Internet in the last 10 years, a lot of information has been easier to get. Different market researches, contacts, news, and new people are just a couple of mouse clicks away. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more, connected the people from around the world like never before. Free calls, texting, and whatnot were easy and very reachable.

With the rise of the Internet and social media, platforms like online betting are more available as well. Even though it has been deemed by many people as something that should be illegal, online betting is more reachable than ever. Many of them have tons of different games to offer,, for example, offers options for almost all sports, so there is plenty to choose from. Let’s take a look at social media and how they manage to promote online betting.


Facebook became the biggest platform in recent years with over a billion monthly users. So, it is logical that most of the betting sites were eager to promote themselves there. They started creating pages on Facebook, and with the current ad policy, it became very easy to advertise themselves. Basically, Facebook sponsors your ads on any user that has a cookie history connected with betting.


After the Facebook privacy scandal in 2018, Instagram started flourishing. This platform is all about cool pictures and locations. Even though it might be difficult to ad betting sites, because most of the users are young people, some of them teenagers, Instagram definitely has a big reach. Sharing stories, paying sponsorships, hashtags, buying followers, and much more can be available as a means of advertising. And since all of that is popular, there is no doubt that it is easy for anyone to be promoted.


This place is perfect for a direct connection to the customers. Filled with anonymous people and no censorship, Twitter is the best place to promote links to your blog post. It is also the number 1 spot for complaints. Since most of the users are anonymous, there is no doubt that there will be no holding back, or anything to be afraid of, for that matter. Excellent platform to spot your flaws, and correct them. Since a lot of the online betting sites need to research on their wages, bonuses and etc., Twitter is a favorite.


Youtube is the largest social platform for video promotion. Online betting sites use Youtube as a mean to promote a visual description of their sites. Of course, a good-looking website will attract a lot of customers. With the cookie policy, it is pretty easy to pinpoint a target group and send ads on chosen videos. Ads can be 5-second short videos on the start or at the end of a video, or longer, 15-second ads, depending on your chosen method. Youtube is a favorite to the betting sites when it comes to advertising.

Other ways to connect with customers via social media are Pinterest and LinkedIn. Very popular platforms that are often researched in their advertising possibilities.