Social Media’s Oscar Predictions

Social Media’s Oscar Predictions

Falcon Social has been tracking the Academy Awards on social media to see which movie has the most people talking.

As you know, the nominees for best picture are:

American Sniper



The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Imitation Game


The Theory of Everything


You may have your own ideas on which movie deserves to win the Oscar. But which movie has the most people talking? By running the query “[movie title] AND award,” Falcon compared the eight movies and their mentions across the news, blog posts, and social in the thick of awards season.


Taking a look at the breakdown of mentions, you’ll see the awards buzz is neck-and-neck.


Birdman is currently in the lead with 41% of “Birdman AND award” mentions coming from News sources. There are a variety of news stories mentioning “Birdman AND award;” after the movie won a few at the Golden Globes, SAGs, PGAs, etc., it’s safe to say that the movie is gathering a lot of steam between various news sources. According to social media, the movie has got a healthy shot.

Aside from overall mentions, how popular a best picture nominee’s Facebook page is very telling as well, as is the Facebook engagement between the nominees. American Sniper is leading in total likes, but Selma has the highest level of engagement.



Interestingly enough, there has been no sign of any raw video, which Facebook advises works well. These studios should have plenty of video reel at the ready, in addition to video from all the press circuits during awards season, which makes it surprising that video isn’t being utilized further.