Social Intel Measures Winners of Super Bowl LI Ad Battle

Social Intel Measures Winners of Super Bowl LI Ad Battle
By Todd Grossman

Anheuser Busch – Budweiser’s polarizing Super Bowl mention got the most mentions with just under 95K mentions on Super Bowl Sunday and the early hours of Monday morning. However, not all the attention was positive with the hashtag #BoycottBudweiser used over 8K times over the same period. Second was Coca-Cola (over 44K mentions) with another politically relevant add focused on the theme of acceptance. T-Mobile was third (43K) with their celebrity focused ad featuring Justin Bieber.

The biggest spike in brand mentions actually came before halftime from Avocados in Mexico when they launched their campaign including tweeting out this recipe for a Big Gam Party Dish as part of their sweepstakes driving over 10K mentions in 15 minutes:

The Super Bowl Gets Political

5 of the top 10 Super Bowl ads that generated the most discussion on social and online had a political element including #1 Budweiser, #2 Coca-Cola, #5 Audi, #6 84 Lumber and #7 Airbnb.

All these ads received a high level of positive sentiment online:

The Big Surprise – 84 Lumber

The unknown lumber company was in the top 10 ad mentions with their controversial ad telling the story of a Mexican mother and daughter trying to get into America, receiving over 30K mentions on the night. The combined views of 84 Lumber’s video on YouTube hit close to 3 million views with 1 million of those views on their Facebook page. The Huffington Post reported that 84 Lumber’s website crashed due to the increased traffic.

Top Visible Brand Logos

Using our image recognition technology, we’re able to monitor the prevalence of brand logos in posts and articles linked to the Super Bowl (based on our logo database featuring 30K logos).

#1: Pepsi – Mostly images of the Lady Gaga poster in this tweet:

#2 Google – A lot of screenshots of people trying to understand what the Super Bowl is (in a humorous way).

#3 Coca-Cola – Mixture of comments about Coca-Cola ads and people taking pictures of their Super Bowl preparation featuring Coca-Cola bottles:

Todd Grossman is the CEO of Talkwalker, a social data intelligence company.