So You Want to Work in Marketing?

So You Want to Work in Marketing?

So, you want to work in marketing? There’s really no surprise there as marketing has proven to be one of the most exciting fields in the business industry. It continues to evolve, feel fresh and modern, and truly change with the times so you never feel stagnant in your position. Not only that it can be really exciting shaping the branding and imaging of so many different companies out there.

But having the dream to work in marketing and making it an actual reality are two totally different things. Sure, you’ve conquered a big part of the battle – choosing your career path – but now you need to lay all the groundwork and make sure you are setting yourself up for success. To help take the guesswork out of it, we’ve gone ahead and highlighted some of the key milestones and steps you’ll want to take in your quest.

Start with the Proper Education

No matter how savvy you may think you are when it comes to marketing, without the proper schooling, it’s going to be very difficult to compete with others vying for those same jobs. Looking into something like a Business and Management Degree (MSc) can really provide you with the building blocks you need to excel in the field.

As Aston Online University points out, BAM graduates earn higher salaries and their skills are highly sought after. In addition, this kind of degree can set you up for a management role where you’ll be the one making the decisions and shaping the direction of campaigns. Not only that, but it is also that extra level of education and knowledge that potential employers will look very favourably on.

Look for an Internship Position

Once you have completed your schooling, the next logical step can be to look for an internship in marketing. Most employers want to hire candidates that have experience, but how can you gain that experience when you are new to the field? That is exactly why internships are so important. They fill that gap between degree completion and your first real job in the field.

The other great thing about internships is that you can start to grow your network of contacts. You never know, that internship can end up turning into a job offer if the employer is impressed with your progress and work.

Update Your Resume

Whether you decide to take an internship or not, before you can start to look for a job in marketing, you need to update your resume. This is even more important if you have completed a degree program, as this is something that can catch the eye of potential employers and get you that all-important interview.

As for crafting your resume, it’s a good idea to take the time to research tips, advice, and samples online, so you make sure you’re hitting the mark. Don’t just assume you know what employers want to see and what they are looking for. Everything from the items you add, to the order you put them in, and even the length of your resume can affect your odds of landing an interview.

Don’t Look Down on Entry-Level Positions

Obviously, an entry-level position isn’t your ultimate goal, but it is important you view it for what it is – a stepping stone. Everyone has to start somewhere and that entry-level position can be invaluable in terms of experience. It takes things much further and more in-depth than an internship could, and once you get in with a company you can then focus on working your way up and applying for promotions.

Get Out There and Network

Here’s a tip that anyone who is looking for a new job needs to be following. As the saying goes, when it comes to job hunting, it’s not what you know, rather it’s who you know. Often this ends up being true, so the more people you can meet and connect with in the industry, the better the odds of transitioning that contact into a job lead.

Some of the best places to network include local industry events, conferences, seminars, and online platforms like LinkedIn.

Combine All the Tips for the Best Chance of Success

As you scroll through this list of tips and advice, it’s not a matter of just picking one that you think would apply, rather, it is using a combination of all of them. By expanding your efforts as much as possible, and staying consistent in your effort, you are sure to land that dream job in marketing.