Smart Marketing Tips for Real Estate Startups

There is fierce competition in the real estate industry nowadays. Starting up a business in this industry has become an uphill task – it’s no longer as easy as it used to be a few decades ago. As an entrepreneur, you must think outside the box when it comes to marketing your business.

First, you should establish valuable networks and obtain comprehensive knowledge about the industry. Next, you must think about creative business ideas that will put you on edge against your competitors. Finally, you need some online and offline marketing tactics to increase the visibility of your startup.

The surest bet in establishing a successful real estate business is finding a perfect blend between different marketing strategies. Consider marketing through social media, emails, videos, and even postcards for realtors. It is advisable to find out what would work best for your business and implement it. This article gives you some valuable or helpful tips to help you start a successful marketing campaign.

Create a High-Tech Website

A good website can be a robust marketing tool for real estate agents. A well-built website does not only attract visitors, but it also encourages them to visit again. On the contrary, a puny website puts off users, and they are likely to bounce off to a competitor’s website.

When developing your website, think about its functionality as well as esthetics. Ensure the loading time is short – less than two seconds. It should also be easy to navigate and less cluttered to help users find whatever they are looking for with ease. Another excellent way of optimizing your website is by creating valuable content in the blog. Make sure that the content is fresh and unique.

Leverage Social Media Marketing

You should go where your prospects are found, and not vice versa. Social media is the only place you’ll find the majority of your existing and potential customers. This is because nearly all the adults today have one or more social media accounts. You must take advantage of this fact if you want to succeed in your startup.

Some of the common platforms you can explore include Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It might not be practical to use all of them, but you can choose a few where you’ll regularly post content. To maximize returns from social media marketing, you must understand your audience. With this understanding, you will create content that suits their tastes and needs.

If you want to establish a strong social media presence, you should consistently provide your followers with exciting content. This encourages them to visit your pages regularly and also to engage with you. Social media helps you to establish meaningful relationships with your customers and build brand loyalty.

Create Valuable Content

Content is king and essential, especially when it comes to real estate marketing. A blog, for instance, gives potential customers a solid reason to visit your site. Create articles with valuable and original information about your brand, products, services, or industry. And make sure to post them regularly.

Video content is an integral part of real estate marketing. Videos and live videos of walkthroughs in your listed properties are an excellent way to show potential buyers what you have on offer. Your videos should contain valuable information in addition to promoting your products or services. Also, make sure they are appealing and exciting to watch.

Implement Direct Mail Marketing

Savvy real estate agents still use direct mail marketing, even though it is a traditional marketing method. So, why would they hold onto this strategy in this digital era? Here are five reasons why real estate agents still utilize the services of real estate direct mailing companies such as Wise Pelican:

  • Direct mailing makes you a local expert, giving you multiple local connections with potential buyers in the area.
  • Modern mail marketing campaigns allow for automation. For instance, there are hundreds of real estate postcards templates to choose from. Once you select your preferred real estate postcards template, it is then tailored to your brand.
  • By using direct mail, you can show your achievements to potential clients. In other words, it provides local social proof.
  • Direct mail has the highest response rate among all other marketing strategies. Business cards, brochures, flyers, and postcards can be stored and retrieved on a later date when the recipient needs information about your company.
  • Lastly, direct mail helps you to establish long-term relationships with your customers.

If clients get satisfied with your services, they will look for you when they need any other service or product in your brochure or flyer.

Invest in Professional Photography

Visual appeal is essential when it comes to real estate marketing. This is because most people get attracted to stunning photos and videos. The more a potential buyer can see, the better they feel about the property. And, they are likely to write a check to purchase it.

Therefore, good images and videos can separate your listing from those of your competitors. To achieve this, you should invest in professional photography. Look for specialist photographers in the real estate industry. Before you hire them, be sure to go through their portfolio to verify their expertise. Good photos help you to sell a property faster and for more money.

Develop Industry Networks

The quickest way to establish your real estate business is by partnering with stakeholders in the industry. For instance, you can partner with service providers such as mortgage brokers, movers, and home improvement companies. By doing this, you will make it easy for potential buyers to locate you. Besides that, you can share with them the cost of local and online marketing.

Collaborating with local influencers can also take your real estate startup to a new level. These influencers include artists, prominent businesspeople, and political figures. You can reach thousands of your target customers if they share your listing on their social media pages.

Utilize Email Marketing

Email advertising is one of the most reliable and effective marketing ideas for real estate agents. In this marketing method, you gather emails of prospective buyers who you send emails periodically – weekly or monthly. The emails may contain newsletters, industry news, or real estate trends useful to your clients. More importantly, your emails should include the new homes or apartments you have listed.

The most challenging task when it comes to email marketing is collecting emails from your clients. There are several helpful ways to do this, including local outreach or software such as Leadpages. Ensure that you segment your email lists to send only relevant emails.

If you want to grow your new real estate business, you need to do proper marketing. The above tips will start you off in your marketing campaigns.