Six Reasons Why You Need To Backup Your Critical Data To The Cloud

Six Reasons Why You Need To Backup Your Critical Data To The Cloud

Businesses handle all kinds of mission critical data each day. It matters not whether you are a sole proprietor or a large corporation. The data that you process and store will be critical to the running of your organization. You will no doubt have some form of backup plan already in place. But, what will you do if something happens to your locally backed up data? For example, what if you can’t retrieve the information stored on your backup media?

As you can imagine, that’s a scenario that no business wants to think about. But the sad truth is that’s it is something that happens each and every day, and often without any prior warning. Today, more firms are backing up their critical data in the cloud. If you’ve not thought about doing that, you need to read these six compelling reasons:


  1. 1) Your Data Is Safer Off-Site

One thing that worries me is that even in 2016 many companies keep their backups on-site. If a fire, natural disaster or theft occurred, they can kiss goodbye to ever getting their data back. Backup data is always safer in another location. You can get guaranteed of that fact when using an online server backup system.

  1. 2) You Won’t Waste Any More Time

Formatting and swapping out backup media is both boring and time consuming. An online backup system will free you from the shackles of such tasks. Now you can use your time more effectively. Plus, you won’t have to worry about other staff members forgetting to do a backup.

  1. 3) TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Is Lower

One immediate thing you’ll notice when switching over to cloud based backups is the lower TCO. You no longer have to pay for expensive hardware upgrades. Nor will you need to install new operating systems and software. The cloud backup provider covers all the operating costs. You just pay a low monthly fee.

  1. 4) Reliable and Guaranteed Data Backups

One of the problems associated with backing up data in-house is reliability. Quite often, server administrators don’t know a backup has failed until the next day. That means there is no guarantee. Cloud based backups often have a 99.9% reliability score. They also have teams of people that monitor each backup job.

  1. 5) Data Backups Are Fast

You might be wondering just how quick a data backup can occur. After all, you have to rely on the speed of your Internet connection. Most firms that use online cloud backups schedule each job in the early hours of each morning. That means backups will happen fast. Also, once your initial backup has finished, only the changes to your files will have to be backed up, saving many hours of file uploading.

  1. 6) It’s Easy To Restore Data

Do you remember the good old days of restoring data from tapes, when you had to wait hours to do a selective restore? If you’re under thirty, you probably don’t. The good news is those days are long gone thanks to the cloud. If you only need one file restored, you can action the request in seconds.

Now that you know the many advantages of using cloud backup services, when will you be switching?