Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce:
Which is Better?

It is necessary and vital to know the features and tools that have the eCommerce enterprise platform you will choose to start your digital commercial business.

We want to compare these two monsters in digital shopping carts, determining which represents the main choice to generate an online business project.

Know the details of the two main platforms that currently exist in e-commerce, BigCommerce and Shopify, mentioning the pros and cons of both, as well as news and new features.

Comparison of the benefits of Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce platforms

Both platforms offer benefits to users interested in entering the e-commerce, here we compare BigCommerce against Shopify.

Pros of Shopify:
  • Really solid
  • It has at the user’s disposal the most spectacular templates, at very economical costs, when contrasted with the prices of BigCommerce
  • Shopify developers and graphic artists are simply better
  • It has many different add-ons, various applications that integrate very well with it, so in general it manages to complement itself better with other businesses, making your life easier.
  • You have an innovative, fully trained team.

Some people think that because Big Commerce has been around longer than Shopify, it stands out in this respect, however, its members are creative, and they do an extraordinary job.

BigCommerce pros:
  • It has features such as gift cards without having to pay the extra premium and real-time shipping quotes, although in this aspect Shopify has been greatly improved.
  • Different BigCommerce pricing plans
  • Recovery of cars abandoned by customers
  • BigCommerce support for multiple currencies.
BigCommerce disadvantages:
  • Sales limits, only allows you to sell a certain amount per year according to the plan you have, that’s a contradiction, you are being penalized for being too successful.
  • Little support if we compare it with Shopify that has better services
  • Many features are missing and there are no add-ons or applications to help complement them.

Similarities between both platforms

  • On these platforms its price is quite decent; it has a basic plan accessible per month, increasing its cost depending on the features needed by the user.
  • Both have customizable templates, however, with BigCommerce you will assume an extra payment for developers to perform that process.
  • Both can import and export through a CVS, a spreadsheet with all the necessary information.

Why choose Shopify Plus?

Shopify has added some new features that allow it to be considered in everyone’s opinion as the great e-commerce hosting platform.

Although it’s the same price, with Shopify you get much more support, its cutting edge, it’s progressive and if you want to build a profitable electronic and secure business it’s the perfect choice.

You will have a company that will help you progress, with a vision of the future that is always innovating, keeping up to date.

The main features of Shopify that make it stand out as the best option are

  • Mobile application
  • SEO service
  • Integration with various established social network providers
  • High availability of presentation topics
  • Really eye-catching designs
  • Simple approach

Shopify proves to be a leading platform in digital commerce, a valid option for those entrepreneurs who want to have their virtual store with interesting and free tools, in addition you can work from anywhere.