Seven Surprising Jobs
Your Business Can Outsource 

Save on hiring costs and turn your business into a success by outsourcing these seven jobs.

Outsourcing is one of the biggest trends right now. From healthcare to construction, it’s having a huge effect on almost every industry you can think of. But what is outsourcing? And how can it benefit your business? Firstly, let’s look at what outsourcing is.

Outsourcing: When you hire a third-party company or individual to perform a specific job for you.

Remember, a third party isn’t joining your company, as they’re still a separate entity. Essentially, it’s a little bit like paying a friend to do a favor for you. Once the favor is done, you both carry on with your lives as normal.

So, why do businesses outsource some jobs? Simply put, it’s because it’s extremely beneficial to them. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Saving money (as it saves you the hassle of having to hire and train a full-time employee)
  • Gaining access to specialist knowledge
  • Increasing your business productivity and efficiency

There’s a lot to love and very little to dislike about outsourcing, which is why millions of businesses do it. Even the biggest brand names you can think of, such as Apple and Microsoft, outsource certain business functions. For example, Apple outsources most of its manufacturing to Foxconn, which has helped them to send profits through the roof over the past decade.

If you want to start experiencing the benefits of outsourcing, too, then you can. But first, you’ll need to decide which jobs you want to outsource. Naturally, this will depend on several factors, including your budget and the current number of employees you have. Obviously, if you already have an accountant working for you, then you won’t need to outsource your accounting — you get the idea.

With that said, here’s a list of the seven most surprising jobs your business can outsource at a super low cost.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has taken over the world. Now, whenever you open Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other major social media platform, you see a lot of business advertisements, right? This is because a huge 77% of businesses use social media to reach customers (Forbes).

Now, unless you’re way behind the times, your business will be active on social media. However, if you’re not getting the engagement levels that you want, then you might be scratching your head about what to do. The solution? Outsource your social media marketing!

If you want to start outsourcing your social media marketing as soon as possible, you should use RSM Outsourced Social Media Marketing. When you do this, all your social media pages will receive a dedicated account manager. On top of this, they’ll produce social media content for you that will engage your existing followers while also attracting new followers to like your pages. It’s a golden ticket to success.

2. Online Customer Service

It’s no secret that modern customer service is mostly based online. When customers want to speak to someone to ask questions and get help, they no longer call a business on the phone. Instead, they contact them via web chat or social media direct messages. This is great — but companies with lots of customers need to stay on top of it. If not, it results in unhappy customers!

So, if you want to provide the best possible online customer service without having to hire in-house customer service representatives to do it for you, then outsource your online customer service. For example, a third-party company would easily be able to take care of your website customer service for you.

Whenever you visit a big brand’s website, such as the previously mentioned Apple, the chances are they’re outsourcing their customer service to third-party reps in different countries. In the process, they get to save lots of money, so you should do this as well.

3. Accounting

Accounting is a nightmare for most business owners, which is why they take the smart route of outsourcing their accounting. This way, they can eliminate any accounting headaches and have complete peace of mind knowing that their account is being taken care of by a third-party professional in the background. It’s a no-brainer!

4. Web Design

To be successful, every business needs a good website. Of course, most businesses don’t have in-house web designers working for them, which is why they call up web design companies and get them to do it, instead.

Usually, what happens is that the third-party web designer will meet with a business owner, ask them what they want their website to look like, and then get to work. Once it’s been completed, the web designer will get paid for the work they did.

Let’s say that your current business website is dated and rundown. What you should do is set some money aside and pay a web designer to refresh it for you. As a result, your website will look much better, and more customers will start using it — simple.

5. App Development

Similarly, if you want to launch a business application, the best thing to do is outsource your app development.

It’s well-known that outsourcing your app development is a great strategy if you want to get your app on the market as quickly as possible. Not to mention, it’s a proven way to save money, as you won’t need to hire an app developer to join you full-time.

6. HR (Human Resources)

Startups and small businesses will often outsource their HR due to the simple fact that hiring an HR department simply isn’t logical. For instance, if you only have five employees, you don’t need in-house HR.

By outsourcing your HR, all the important HR-related tasks, such as employee disciplinary procedures, can be taken care of by a third party.

7. Email Marketing

Lastly, you should also think about outsourcing your email marketing. Email marketing has fast become one of the most valuable marketing tools available to businesses. The reason for this is that customer engagement levels with marketing emails are extremely high. When you send an email to your average customer, most of the time they’re going to open it, so the return on investment is excellent.