Services Included in SEO Packages Singapore

Singapore businesses are aware that they will get high quality leads at no cost if their business website will rank well in the major search engines in Singapore like Google, Baidu. So if the business website is not ranking well, they would like to hire the services of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency which understands the search engine algorithms and guidelines, and will improve the ranking. Before finding out the prices of services of SEO in Singapore for improving the search ranking, the business should be aware the SEO agencies are usually using different strategies for pricing their services.

Image by Diego Velázquez from Pixabay
Pricing Strategy

Some of the more well-established SEO agencies are confident ranking the client’s business website, so they often offer packages that are priced based on results. Other SEO agencies use the guidelines of the search engine, to offer onsite and offsite optimization services to improve the ranking of the business website, for different keywords. These SEO agencies will offer packages based on the number of tasks which they will perform, to improve the search ranking. The basic packages will involve fewer tasks for less keywords, and advanced packages will have a larger number of keywords and tasks.

Link Building

One of the main factors affecting the ranking of a website in all search engines, is the number of backlinks to the website. So, most SEO agencies are pricing the packages based on the number of backlinks which they are providing for the website, with the pricing directly proportional to the number of backlinks. There are multiple methods for getting backlinks to the website like directory submission, social media bookmarking, classified ad posting, blog submission, article submission. For each SEO package, the SEO agency will specify the number of links which will be obtained using each of the methods.

Content Creation

Another factor which affects the website ranking, is whether the website has relevant content for the keyword it wishes to rank well for. Often the business website will not have relevant content for the product or service which the business is interested in selling, especially for long term keywords. So, the SEO agency will arrange for quality content for the keyword and modify the website to publish the required content. For content manually created, there is a definite cost associated, and the SEO agency will specify the number of pages of content it will create for each SEO package.

Other Factors and Reports

Some of the other factors which determine the website ranking are the website loading speed, layout, meta tag, tag optimization, site navigation. The SEO package will check these parameters for the pages of the website. Premium packages will check the parameters for more pages of a website. If the website parameters are not as per the norms which have been specified, the SEO agency will make changes in the website design, to improve the performance and ranking of the website. Also, the reports for the basic SEO packages will usually provide less information, while premium SEO packages provide very detailed information regarding website ranking for the different keywords, and periodic changes.