SEO Tips You Need To Know

SEO Tips You Need to Know

When it comes to search engine optimization, a lot of things have changed in recent years. Every year Google launches new search engine updates that affect your ranking on google. However, some of the fundamental principles have not yet changed. Targeting a keyword is no longer the sole intent of ranking but you still need keywords. There are many techniques available for improving rank in google but it is impossible to say which one is better and safer. There are hundreds of questions that arise about SEO.  So, it is important to know the tips that are important and fundamental for SEO.Improve Speed of Website

A slow website was not a big factor for SEO in the past, but it is not the case anymore. Today, internet speed is fast. If a website is loading slowly, user will become bored and leave immediately. It also discourages the visitors to buy any of your product. Just think, how much trust would you place in an online retailer if its website’s tech isn’t up to date?  Page speed loading is not only vital for visitors but also for search engines.

Link to Other Websites

Linking to other websites relevant to your content seems like a bad idea to most people. The thought is that it takes visitors away from your website while sending them to another. But this is not so. Linking to high-quality websites is good for search engine optimization. Creating outbound links to legitimate sites provides value to your visitors and will boost the authority of your own site. Configure your links to open in a new window, this way the current browser window stays open and your readers can easily navigate back to your site.

Write Content for Humans

People used to write content for search engines by focusing on adding lots of keywords. It’s an old practice, and one that tends to make it uninteresting for readers. It’s the reader who should be benefitting from your content, not just your ranking.  If they are not able to understand your blog post, they will not come back, and your rankings will drop. So, instead of writing for solely for ranking, write for your readers.

Encourage Others to Link to You

Inbound links from trustworthy sites are the basic factor in search engine rankings. Try to make your link profile more natural by combining do-follow and no-follow backlinks. Content marketing is all about creating engaging and high-quality content.

Craig Murphy, owner of Birmingham based SEO agency – ALT Agency – believes that by not only writing content for humans so that you rank for a wider range of keywords but also going back and updating old content is a great way to improve your SEO. Google loves fresh content so going back and finding a few articles that could be consolidated into one and update for 2020 would be an additional easy way to help boost your SEO efforts.

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