Secured A Big Promotion? Five Things You Need To Know

Secured A Big Promotion? Five Things You Need To Know

There are points in your career where you find yourself waiting for a promotion. Perhaps you know there is a vacancy and that you are the most suited candidate to fill it; or perhaps the process has been more explicit, and you have directly interviewed for a role. Either way, you find yourself waiting, wondering, and hoping that you’re soon going to receive the news you have been hoping for.Then, it happens. Your boss makes you an offer you can’t, and don’t want to, refuse. You’ve done it: you’re being promoted, you’re moving up in the world, and you’re ready to leap onto the next step of the career ladder. Whether you’re moving into management for the first time or further up the chain of command, the thrill is the same: you had a goal to be promoted, and now you’ve fulfilled it.

It’s tempting to think that from the moment you secure the promotion your life becomes easier. You’ve met your goals and all is well; what could you possibly have to worry about?

Being promoted, while always an achievement, can create a surprising amount of stress, worry and concern. Many newly-promoted workers can find themselves worrying quite a lot.  If you are waiting on or have just earned a promotion, here are a few possibilities to prepare yourself for over the first few weeks in your new roll.

You’ll be as anxious as you are excited

While you will undoubtedly be excited to be beginning this next phase in your career, it may come as a surprise to you that you’re — at least — equal parts anxious. However, on reflection, this is an entirely natural reaction. Being promoted signifies a huge change in your life, and there’s going to be a huge amount for you to learn and adapt to– when viewed like that, it should come as no surprise that you’re going to find yourself feeling concerned by the prospect.

The most important thing to do if you find yourself suffering from anxiety is to be kind to yourself. Don’t expect to feel overjoyed; it’s completely legitimate to feel concerned about what this new phase in your life may bring to you.

What’s more, there are ways and means of coping if you are finding the anxiety difficult to process. For example, you may find it beneficial to speak to a therapist about the huge change you’re about to experience. Alternatively, if you would rather self-manage, then you could try breathing techniques to help you find a sense of calm. Breathing techniques genuinely are surprisingly beneficial to managing anxiety, and you can perform them on a quick break in the middle of the workday if required.

Your relationship with colleagues will change

This issue is particularly prevalent when you are promoted into management from frontline work, and it can be incredibly difficult to cope with. Prior to your promotion, you were one of the team, and will have likely enjoyed a light, friendly camaraderie with your colleagues.When you move into management, this camaraderie will become a thing of the past. Your relationship with your former colleagues will, inevitably, be altered. You are now in a position of authority, and no matter how much your colleagues like and respect you, this does mean the dynamics of your relationship have inevitably changed.

You’ll struggle to identify your management style

We all like to daydream that we’d be the best possible manager imaginable; the staff would respect, admire, and be completely dedicated to producing outstanding work thanks to our management skills.

However, now that you find yourself contemplating management outside of a pleasant daydream, you may find yourself struggling to find your feet. Overseeing staff and managing processes is incredibly complex, and you will soon to discover that what you imagined is rather divorced from reality. If you find yourself struggling to cope with this difference, it’s well worth reading through 10 Types Of Management Styles For Effective Leadership.

You will question your abilities

You have finally received a promotion you were hoping for and to your surprise you are suddenly filled with self-doubt. You have achieved something you had hoped for, you are suitable for the work required… but you suddenly find that your nerve fails you, and you begin to wonder if you’re the right person for the role.

If your promotion was out of the blue, then you’re all the more likely to experience issues in regard to doubting your suitability for the role. You will likely find yourself wondering why your boss singled you out, questioning your capabilities, or even fearing that your boss will realize their mistake and remove you from the role.Whichever of the two scenarios applies to you, it may be helpful to know what you’re experiencing has a name: imposter syndrome. Imposter Syndrome is a psychological condition where you feel like you aren’t capable of the job that has been assigned to you, and it can cause a huge amount of distress and upset.

It might not be entirely what you imagined

When expecting a promotion, it’s likely that you will imagined what your working day will be like. You’ll have thought about the responsibilities you will assume, how your day will unfold, and perhaps even considered how you will react to different situations.

However, when you have been performing your new role for a few weeks, you will be confronted by the reality of the job. In most cases, this reality will be very different to what you imagined. If you’re lucky, it will be better than the role you envisioned, and you will be settling in well and enjoying the new challenge.

If you find yourself engaged in a role that you are not happy with, then you may need to speak to your boss. The sooner you raise your concerns, the sooner the issue can be dealt with. You can still be grateful for a promotion and somewhat concerned or overwhelmed by what the work entails, so do discuss it with your superiors if you are disappointed or disenchanted.

Ultimately, a promotion is good news and one that you should celebrate. Promotions come with their own unique challenges. Give yourself time to breathe, adjust, and adapt to new circumstances you find yourself in, and all will run smoothly.