Search Marketing in a Social World

On-Demand Webinar

Search Marketing in a Social World

Originally, the internet was thought of as a discovery tool—Search this. Find that. However with the recent rise of social channels, the web has begun to reinvent itself as a collaboration network—Post this. Reshare that.

As our digital behaviors continue to evolve, so do the ways we interact with the web at a social level. For marketers, it’s vital to understand how things like user-generated content, knowledge graphs, and social referral sources can (and continue) to affect SEO and brand visibility.

Presenter: Mike Tirone of R2i

Mike Tirone is a Digital Marketing Content & Search Strategist with r2i, responsible for developing successful strategies for his clients’ digital web presence. With expertise in SEO, social media and content marketing, Mike’s assessment of his clients’ web presence stems from a holistic approach to optimizing a website for both the user (audiences and personas) and robots (search engines crawlers and technical search algorithms). His ability to craft and distribute content that strikes a balance between both entities proves to be very successful for his many clients including: Closer to Truth, Under Armour, Total Wine, SECU, Presidio,, Loyola University Maryland, Thompson Creek, The University of Michigan, RoseNYC, Navy Mutual, BUNN and many more.

Mike’s involvement spans across several departments at r2i as he assists in website builds, collaborates with the user experience and design teams while also overseeing the content strategy and execution division at r2i. His role focuses on empowering his clients to generate more engaging and resonating content that touches the emotional aspect of good digital marketing. When working with Mike, clients are always inundated with the latest marketing trends and big content ideas. He strives to do more than just move the needle for his clients but to shift the paradigm of their digital marketing strategy.

Education: Graduate of Loyola University Maryland, Bachelor of Arts; Communications/Journalism & Marketing