Reasons Why You Should Consider
Online HND for Your Career Path 

Marketing is one of the industries that is continuously evolving. Together with the change of time and advancement of technology is also the development of society’s demands. To cope, there are ways such as online HND courses in Marketing that the academic sectors established. This aims to develop competent professionals who have deep understanding about the business and marketing field. There are also other factors that you may consider when you’re planning to take online HND.

What Is Online HND?

A Higher National Diploma is a vocational recognition awarded by vocational learning institutions or further learning schools. It’s a level 5 qualification that takes 2 years when you are a full-time learner and 3-4 years if part-time. Moreover, it is equivalent to your first two years of a degree program. As a result, after accomplishing the course, you can either proceed to the actual work or continue studying for a degree. Meanwhile, since this is about an Online HND, the courses incorporate distance learning.

What You Should Know About Distance Learning for Online HND

It is a mode of imparting academic knowledge with the use of technology. Several institutions adapted with the new normal by using online platforms for their offered courses. The classes are conducted through live lectures, pre-recorded videos or with the use of modules. This is considered as one of the most convenient ways for learning since it doesn’t require physical involvement in school. Online learning enables you to experience its benefits when taking such courses.

Flexible Learning

As mentioned earlier, online learning doesn’t require attendance as it is self-paced. With this, you have the freedom to decide your schedule of studying. The learning materials are also accessible 24/7 so you can check and download it anytime. Compared to a university where the schedule is fixed, here you can adjust your working time according to your productivity. If there’s a specific time that you’re most efficient then that’s the perfect time to study or do academic tasks.

Online HND Serves as a Training Ground

Despite not experiencing face to face learning, online courses ensure individual and professional growth. It trains aspiring professionals on what they’ll expect in the actual workplace. On the other hand, your professional skills will not be the only one developed here. Since this mode is more of an independent learning, your character, discipline and sense of responsibility are also improved. Online HND course will be your training ground to become the professional that has the characteristics of an ace.

Cost Efficient

Entering a university that involves physical presence requires you to spend on your transportation, rental and allowance fees. This isn’t the case for distance learning or online HND. You can acquire relevant knowledge and skills in the comfort of your home. You will just be spending on your internet fee since it is one of the major requirements. The rates for online courses are also more economical than degree programs. This is another factor why learners prefer choosing this mode of learning.

A Perfect Alternative

If you want to know another path aside from taking a degree program, an online HND is for you. Its time duration is shorter but still allows you to have a credible qualification. If you don’t have time and want to work straightaway, this is an alternative. Meanwhile, there are also professionals who take online HND to gain additional knowledge for career progression. It will enable them to have more earning opportunities and career prospects. Changing your career path to marketing can also be a reason to enroll.

Online HND in College of Contract Management

With the high demands of competent marketers, the College of Contract Management established a course to fill the gaps. It will be a struggle if there will be a shortage of professionals in the industry. The level 5 HND in Marketing under CCM is a highly recognized course awarded by Pearson, an awarding body in the UK. It is designed to present practical situations to acquire work-based skills that are valued by most employers. Their admission process isn’t complicated and treats everyone equally, starter or expert, student or professional. By taking online HND, you’ll have a foundation to start, change or advance your career in the business or marketing field. It will help you be equipped on whatever path you want to take, the professional world or further learning.


One thing that you should consider before deciding what course and career path you’ll take is the job market. There are several industries who are continuously looking for competent professionals. With this, if your area of interest is in the Business and Marketing field, you may want to consider online HND. The College of Contract Management welcomes anyone who have the passion for learning. This may be a qualification that is unfamiliar with you, but often, trying something new is good. If you’ll do it for your sake and growth, you can take every new thing that comes your way. Overall, online HND for aspiring marketers is an effective starting point in your career journey to success.