r2i and Microsoft :
Social Media Success

r2i and Microsoft : Social Media Success
An Interview with Natalie Staines : r2i’s Director of Marketing
By Tim Savage

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As Director of Marketing at r2i, Natalie Staines is responsible for telling the r2i story through the company website, blog, owned social channels, communities of interest and events. She focuses on creating a diverse content calendar that leverages the digital marketing expertise of the specialists at r2i while ensuring that r2i thought leadership on industry trends, best practices and resources is also shared with clients, prospects and industry partners.

Natalie brings to r2i agency experience from the client side as well as an editorial, publishing and event background which allows her to juggle r2i’s range of marketing activities.

If you can’t find her rattling off the r2i value proposition (we intersect your customers with your message online), she’s likely off in a pair of running shoes chasing down a personal record, or her young son.

Microsoft Social Media Success

Why Microsoft | Integrated Social Marketing | @WhyMicrosoft

Measurement of the campaigns was to be based on increased awareness and engagement as indicated by Twitter follower counts, blog traffic and conversations in various platforms. r2i has been responsible for growing the Why Microsoft Twitter audience from less than 100 followers to over 60,000+ through a mix of paid social amplification, organic community management, strategic content distribution and fostering advocacy within the community.

“Why Microsoft” blog went live in 2011 with 1,000+ organic followers.

Social Media Tips

  1. -Focus on your strategy.
  2. -Know how you will define success and establish your goals.
  3. -Identify metrics that map to your goals and develop reports that show what’s working and what’s not.

Future of Social Media

  1. -Video will be the center of social content and drive brands to focus on more short-form quality content.
  2. -Brands will need to involve more stakeholders in engaging with customers via social media (customer service, sales, marketing and operations) in order to provide a relevant customer experience.
  3. -Social channels will continue to become more integrated, challenging both data management, privacy issues and the customer experience.

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