Publishers Seek True Social Engagement

Publishers Seek True Social Engagement

Jim Fosina 

There was a time in the recent past when the focus of content providers and publishers was focused on building robust portals of content within their own websites. The prevailing opinion at the time was that consumers using search engines would ultimately land on a site providing the most relevant library of useful and engaging content. Publishers understanding consumer needs would stockpile their own sites with the most appropriate content available in order to engage the consumer in a meaningful visit. Marketers, desirous of positioning their advertising in the most fertile environment to engage prospects, would schedule a wide array of eye catching banners, buttons etc. in an effort to reach and engage these prospects cost effectively and efficiently.

When it comes to media consumption, consumers want to connect in venues that make it easier for them to search for solutions; whether that comes from branded content sites or their friends and neighbors. The shift from “publisher & content provider” to “social media community” shows no sign of moving backwards.

Marketers and advertisers have a need to engage prospects and consumers within venues that allow them to reach and engage targeted audiences in the most cost effective, efficient and responsive means. Industry data documents the impact of relevant and engaging video on today’s consumer and how they are spending more time viewing and engaging with this content over a longer period of time. There is a new focus on accountability and performance of media dollars from a ROI standpoint. Overall website traffic visits are down as consumers engage with video content in more congregating venues within the social media sphere. Marketers are realizing that despite the ability for targeted display advertising to deliver “mass reach” of an audience segment, the popularity of video content flies in the face of display advertising. Marketers are embracing video content from a positioning standpoint as it proves to have a strong impact among consumers and provides the ability to better showcase their brands and products.

As a content provider, publishers need to continue to retain the power of the brands and the ability for the brand to be flexible and relevant in the way that they deliver content regardless of the customer’s preferred consumption method and venue. Publishers are leveraging video and other media platforms to insert their content in social aggregation points in the sphere in order to reinforce their brands relevancy from a content perspective. We continue to see ways in which news sites are expanding their reach from a “breaking news headline” standpoint to cover their audience within the social media sphere.

We are witnessing a significant optimization of the connection between content and consumer from all sides. Content providers are shifting and expanding platforms in order to remain relevant and the marketer moving dollars to insure brands are represented in the best possible venue to engage and connect with prospects in a meaningful way.


The first wave of video fascination and adoption is a distant memory. The challenge ahead will be in the quality, relevancy and entertainment value and utility of the video being created. As consumers avoid irrelevant messages on all other media, video content has a similar challenge. Today’s consumer has little or no time to spend consuming media that doesn’t address a real need. Marketers will expect new video content to build greater engagement. If it doesn’t, content, message and brand will be abandoned and no longer a viable advertising platform.

We have entered a phase in our media planning where the pivot point is no longer target and mass reach. Never before has there been a greater level of accountability and honesty about the performance of ad dollars and return on investment. Within the digital realm, our real-time metrics provide each and every marketer the ability to understand the difference between fiction and fact.


Jim is the Founder & CEO of two companies based in Danbury, CT. They are Fosina Marketing Group (founded in 2003) and Amora Coffee (founded in 2011)