Protecting First Responders
from Consumer Scams

Creating meaningful connections with customers is an integral part of business. One great way to engage with customers is through first responder discounts. First responder discounts may reduce the cost of a product to military service members, police officers, firefighters, or EMTs and their families.

By acknowledging their sacrifices, these customers will feel valued and respected, and will likely return to your business.

Unfortunately, these discounts are frequently abused. This doesn’t just negatively impact the customers for whom the discounts were created- it also affects the businesses offering them.

One of the best ways to reduce first responder discount abuse is through the use of first responder verification systems.

First Responder Verification

There are various methods of verifying one’s identity to ensure they are eligible for whatever discount they are trying to use.

One website, Sheer ID, has developed a system that pulls from over 9,000 data sources to digitally verify the identity of first responders when trying to redeem certain discounts.

Why Use an Identity Verification System?

Through first responder verification, businesses will be able to better ensure their discounts are only being used appropriately by the intended demographic. These verification systems benefit businesses by protecting their profit margins from fraudulent discounts and increasing the likelihood of first responders returning for future purchases.

First responders benefit from verification systems, too. Verification provides them with the assurance and respect they deserve, while also offering peace of mind knowing that their privileges are not being taken advantage of.

Benefits of First-Responder Discounts

Studies from Sheer ID show that one in three first responders are more likely to buy from a business- and return to a business- that offers and honors first responder discounts. In addition:

  • 59% feel valued by first responder discounts
  • 41% would try a new brand that offers them
  • 38% would make a purchase sooner knowing that they will receive a discount

First responder discounts improve brand loyalty and deepen the connection between businesses and their customers.

Identity Marketing

Identity marketing uses digital verification systems to be sure discounts are only being used by the appropriate customers and to eliminate discount abuse.

When a business knows that their discounts are being protected, they will be more likely to promote subsequent offers or run targeted campaigns to attract specific personnel, like first responders. By doing so, they are simultaneously increasing their business by drawing in more customers and protecting their profit margins from fraudulent discounts.

When a business has a clear view of its target market, it can tailor its promotions to accommodate its customers. Through identity marketing and first responder verification, they will be able to appeal to those for whom these promotions are intended and find their ideal customers. Identity verification occurs instantly and weaves itself into a natural part of the transaction process.

Due to the digital aspect of identity marketing and verification, customer privacy will always be protected. Companies like Sheer ID only collect data such as names, email addresses, and date of birth and do not share with any exterior parties.

First Responder Verification and Better Business

Through first responder verification and identity marketing, businesses can be confident that their discounts are only being used by their target market. First responders will feel valued and will likely return, knowing that they have developed an important connection with the business.

First responders will appreciate the extra steps being taken to verify that others cannot fraudulently benefit from discounts designed for them, and businesses can continue to build strong relationships with their customers while protecting their profit margins. First Responder Verification benefits those who serve and the businesses they buy from.