Programmatic Advertising: How Effective Can It Be?

Programmatic Advertising: How Effective Can It Be?

In the last century, placing an advertisement, especially when it was in the form of a native advertisement or an advertorial, was a lengthy and complicated process. You needed to get in touch with site owners, negotiate deals manually, and this was all before you actually got into content production and editing. It was also difficult to keep track of the ads when the campaign was relatively big.


Today, however, this old way has been replaced by programmatic advertising. What is programmatic advertising? How effective can it be when tasked with handling a comprehensive ad campaign? That’s what we’re going to find out in this article.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising, also known as programmatic buying, is the means of buying media in an automated fashion. This is usually done digitally through platforms such as demand side platforms, trading desks, and exchanges, according to Business Insider.

It simply removes human interaction from the equation. Instead, it uses a series of parameters and algorithms to automate most of the ad buying process. As a result, the entire process of placing ads on strategic sites, in any form of advertising available, is now much simpler and can be completed in a shorter time.

Is it effective?

The simple answer to this question is yes. A big YES. There is one aspect you have to keep in mind before getting into programmatic advertising: The effectiveness of the algorithm depends on the parameters you set at the beginning of the process or the adjustments you make along the way.

With the algorithm set just right, the program can do everything for you, from researching the right sites for your ads to getting the best possible deal for the placements. It will also keep track of ad campaigns and provide you with a detailed report periodically.

You’ll also be able to show ads to a very targeted audience. Instead of displaying ads all the time, programmatic advertising enables your ads to appear only to a select audience at select times. You can fine tune almost everything about the campaign to get the best possible results.

Amplifying Your Reach

Programmatic advertising is a great way to be subtle while still multiplying your exposure by a substantial amount. You will not be flooding your audience with ads or content, since each ad can be strategically displayed for maximum effectiveness.

It is also easier to be specific about the target audience you want to reach. Combined with native ads or content marketing, for instance, you can use programmatic creative ads to reach new market segments or niches. To do this, you just have to understand the way the audience segment searches and interacts with various types of content before setting the algorithm to reach to those engagements.

Last, but not least, programmatic advertising also gives you better control over quality. You can choose which sites to work with as well as the kind of content you want to associate with your ads. In a competitive market like today, these tools offered by programmatic advertising will give you that extra edge you need to succeed.