Powered By Tweets, Toaster Strudel Launches The Strudel Dudeler Machine

Powered By Tweets, Toaster Strudel Launches
The Strudel Dudeler Machine

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel is here to get people’s mornings moving with the help of its new ambassador, Hans Strudel. Hailing from the cheerful land of Breakfürg, where breakfast is served all day long, Hans is bringing the “Breakfürg Strudel Workshop” to fans everywhere, calling on everyone to tweet how you “get your morning moving” for a chance to have your tweets converted into “Strudel Art,” by the custom-built Strudel Dudeler machine.

Hans, the fun and quirky boy from Breakfürg, was recently introduced to America. To bring his culture to life, everyone was invited to participate in the Breakfürg Strudel Workshop featuring the Strudel Dudeler machine from August 27-28, 2013. To join in the fun, fans went to Twitter and responded to the question “How do you get your morning moving?” using the unique hashtag #StrudelArt at the end of their tweet.

Hans Strudel selected his favorite tweets and used the custom-built “Strudel Dudeler” to convert the inspiring messages he read into Strudel Art that was drawn in icing on an actual Toaster Strudel. A picture of the custom-made, tasty Toaster Strudel finished with Strudel Art was taken and sent back to the original submitter via TwitPic. The finished Toaster Strudel was then shared with someone in New York City to help get his or her morning moving.


“This event is an exciting way for us to connect with our fans in real time. We all know how hectic the morning time can be, so we’re excited to bring Hans Strudel, his culture, and the Strudel Dudeler machine to people everywhere,” said John Williams III, marketing manager for Pillsbury Toaster Strudel. “For years, we’ve seen people decorating their Toaster Strudel pastries in fun ways, and now they have a chance to get their own customized strudel to help get their mornings moving.”

Fans in New York City attended the Breakfürg Strudel Workshop event featuring the Strudel Dudeler machine at Union Square and at South Street Seaport late last month. Attendees were also able to grab a warm Toaster Strudel on their way into the office, see the Strudel Dudeler in action and enjoy a live polka band with fun giveaways.

The new campaign featuring Hans Strudel kicked off with a TV spot on August 5th and continues to live through the Breakfürg Strudel Workshop, along with digital and social efforts including Toaster Strudel’s first-ever Facebook and Twitter presences.