Planning Your Bucket List Holiday

After a year of uncertainty and staying indoors, we’re keen to get back to travelling. A year without holidays has allowed us to save up for that dream trip, and here’s how to do it properly.

Decide When to Travel

What type of holiday are you looking for? A tropical paradise with scorching sunshine and sand between your toes, or a winter wonderland in New York City?

Figuring out what time of year is best to visit your destination is half the battle. Some parts of the world, such as Thailand and Indonesia, experience monsoon seasons at certain points in the year. This means that if you travel during this time, you’re likely to get very wet and not be able to experience as much as you normally would as some activities and excursions may be out of season.

You may experience extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures if you don’t plan ahead and pick a time of year that suits you best for the activities you plan on doing.

Also think about public holidays and religious festivals that might be happening in that part of the world when you go to visit, as some places will close for a spell if they are celebrating.

Plan Your Budget

Big holidays can often be costly. Especially if you’re looking to do everything the destination has to offer – who wouldn’t?

Knowing exactly what you have to spend and where you want to spend it will help you understand how long and how much you’ll have to save up before travelling. It’s recommended you always take extra money with you when travelling in case of any emergencies or unexpected activities that pop up and you don’t want to miss out on. By going 10-30% over your budgeted amount, you should have enough to keep you going and be able to account for any surprise excursions.

If you’re unsure how much your holiday will cost and whether your budget will cover it, you could look at other financial options. This way you can make all the memories you wish and deal with the cost over an extended period.

Pack the Right Supplies!

Whether you’re backpacking across a continent or lounging poolside at an all-inclusive resort, there are certain belongings you’ll want to take with you. Some simple suggestions would be:

  • A phone charger and appropriate plug socket adaptor – It might sound like a no-brainer but having these will mean you’re able to stay connected with friends and family at home as well as navigate your way around.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses – Even if you’re not predicting the weather to be that warm when you visit, it’s always worth packing sunblock and other items to protect you from the rays, just in case!
  • Suitable footwear – If you plan on hiking up a mountain during your trip, high heels and sandals probably won’t get you very far. Pack comfortable, hard-wearing shoes that can survive any climate and keep your feet protected from harsh terrain.
  • A disposable camera – If you’re worried about taking your expensive camera equipment with you to a new destination, bring along a disposable. They are cheap, easy to find and are great for reliving the memories once you’re back home seeing them printed for the first time.
  • Bonus tip: be sure to use lightweight luggage that you can easily carry!