Personal Fitness, Personal Best:
Getting Your First Clients
as A Personal Trainer

So, you have decided to become a personal trainer, and you have spent years to polish your craft to perfection, and now you have a dilemma – how to get clients as a personal trainer? You don’t have to be worried, this is the question that bothers new personal trainers, as well as the experienced ones.

People today have different habits than they had a couple of years ago, especially because of the “new normal” caused by the covid-19 pandemic. We used to go to the gym and enjoyed spending time with other people, but today the situation is quite different. Many people would rather quit practicing than go to the gym, because of the health risks we are dealing with since last year, while the others simply don’t have time for a workout.

Because of that, personal trainers had to find new ways to attract more clients and make their programs recognizable. To help you skyrocket your business, and make sure that your client’s list is full, we will share with you how to get clients as a personal trainer.

Market Your Training Services on Social Media

One of the best ways to reach a wider audience is to present your training services on social media platforms. This will help you make a connection with existing and potential clients and to share interesting information such as nutrition plans, progress photos, as well as organize live streams. Since the conversation on social media is mostly informal, people will feel free to ask you for more information about the personal training you offer, and if they were in doubt should they start your program or not, the answer you provide can make it or break it.

Invest in a Branded Website

Besides social media, a great way to connect with clients as a personal trainer is to invest in a branded website. As soon as you start researching this option, you will realize that there are many ready-made solutions, and that can make you think that is a perfect choice for you. No matter how tempting that might be, don’t let that trick you. Think about how many of your competitors already have a branded website? Probably most of them. So, using ready-made solutions will probably not represent your training program and all of its benefits in the best possible way. Plus, you don’t want to look like an amateur. The best thing you can do is to hire IT specialists who often offer packages that include social media branding, as well as branded websites and landing pages.

Be Active – Write Blogs Frequently

As you can see, you have to migrate from an offline to an online working model and give your best to show all advantages of your training course to your website visitors and social media followers. It is very important to be active and to share blogs and updates frequently because that will make people interact with you. You can cover various topics like why it is important to have balanced nutrition while working out, how personal trainers can help you get your body to the ideal shape, and many others. If you have listened to the first advice we provided and created a social media profile, don’t forget to link that account to the blogs you write because that will help you expand the list of your followers.

Put Your Brand on App and Play Stores

Imagine that you have your mobile app that can be downloaded from App or Play stores. Sounds great, isn’t it? Well, that is not impossible at all. There are different options for personal trainers, and companies like Lean On Digital offer custom branded apps designed and developed to fit the needs of you as a coach as well as your clients. The best thing about the solution that this company provides is that your app will include live streaming, workout and nutrition plans, progress photos, blogs, explainer videos, and others. You will have everything you need, all in one place. And, in case that you are not sure how your app will look like, you can check it out on the Lean On Digital website.

Take Time to Record Detailed Explainer Videos

Some of your clients will only need written or audio instructions and a set of photos to perform the exercise correctly. However, many of them will not be sure whether they are doing the workout properly or not. This is something that you need to take care of, because if they are unable to do the personal training you provide right, they will not reach desired results, and guess who will be the one to blame – you. So, the best way how to get clients as a personal trainer is to provide detailed explainer videos and make sure that the users of your services will perform workout sessions easily and properly.

Incorporate Testimonials on Your Website and Social Media Profiles

The best ad you can have as a personal trainer is an honest recommendation from a satisfied client. Because of that, we suggest you incorporate testimonials in your marketing efforts. This can help youtube more clients as a personal trainer since people will be attracted by the positive impressions of your clients. They will consider you as a professional and credible coach, and above all – they will trust you. Even if you decide to use printed informational material like brochures and leaflets – don’t forget to add testimonials.


We believe that if you follow these tips you will soon have an increasing number of clients, and your training business will thrive. In case you still aren’t sure where to start, you can contact Lean On Digital, a team of IT experts, who have helped many personal coaches to expand their businesses and reach more people. Remember to stay loyal to your brand and don’t lose the personal touch in everything you do, because that is what people highly value!

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