Performing Effective Website Marketing
Annie Ha

As the world quickly transitions to a more digitized place, we rely more and more on the Internet to receive and absorb the majority of our entertainment, content, and information. A company’s website plays a much bigger role in today’s age than 20 years ago which is why it’s so important to have a website that is effective and efficient.

Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

Ignite Digital is a company that focuses on improving a corporation’s digital marketing tools so that their advertisements and outreach are as effective in gaining as many clients as possible. Ignite Digital’s website is a near perfect representation of the ideal website. (It would be ironic if they weren’t.) At the very top of the website, you’re met with a link that will allow you a free quote, advertising their main source of business.

They immediately reel you in and make you wonder about the company’s purpose. If you scroll down a little bit more, the words “AWARD WINNING” and all of the magazines they’re featured in are all advertised. It repeats on every single page that you click on, and as a human, we like to see this type of credibility. I also would like to note that they exhibit this feature before they provide information on what services they provide. This allows the potential client and viewer to approach each service with more willingness and trust because they are a credible corporation.

Once you get down to their services section, it’s very concise and succinct. Bullet points are always easy to follow and read, and generally, the rest of their website mirrors the straightforward aspect of this section. Ignite Digital’s home page effectively gives all the necessary information that a potential client may need.

An additional aspect of their website I appreciated a lot was their consistent and circular format. Any tabs that were at the beginning of the website were repeated at the bottom of the page so the viewer wouldn’t need to waste time scrolling back to the top. I also appreciated the ability to provide your contact information and get a free quote at all parts of the page. Overall, their website is organized, eye-pleasing, effective, and efficient.

Another website that has aspects that mirror Ignite Digital is Bekins Moving Solutions, a company dedicated to helping people in an office and families move easily and efficiently. Right off the bat, you are bombarded with an ad for a free quote and a place to fill out your contact information.

Personally, I think their website format is more eye-catching than Ignite Digital. It’s possibly due to the simplicity of the website. There’s not too much going on, and the text is very easy to read as they are quite big. The website has a similar format to Ignite Digital with the tabs at the top, services shown through boxes, and essentially, being super easy to navigate. I love how both companies use bullet points to quickly show you their mission, purpose, and services side by side.

For Bekins Moving Solutions, under the services section, they feature tabs at the top no matter where you scroll so you can easily jump to different parts of the page while under Ignite Digital’s services section, they direct you to links for more information. I personally like to see all the company’s information on one page, so I applaud Bekins Moving Solutions’s website for this. Another thing that their website has that Ignite Digital’s lacks is their FAQs tab which I find helpful. However, Ignite Digital is quite detailed in the services they provide and what they’re all about. They also make it super easy to contact them by having the contact bar on every page.

I like Bekins Moving Solutions’s website mainly due to their color scheme, formatting, and simplicity. However, because there is such a big emphasis on company websites nowadays because that’s where people will be receiving the majority of their information, Ignite Digital does a really good and thorough job on covering all aspects of their company and what they’re all about. But at the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with either format.