Online and In Line: Is Your Business Monitoring the Way Its Information is Being Shared?

Today’s business environment is ever-changing. Everything can be broken down into data that is traveling throughout internal and external systems, with any number of access points along the way. The interconnectivity of information sets new, complex challenges for any responsible business owner. It is critical to know how your information is being shared to protect your business on multiple levels.

Computer Weekly reports that few companies have a formal policy in place to monitor how information is shared once it leaves their internal network. This is a dangerous game to play for any business. There are so many ways in which information can leak into the wrong hands, but there are also plenty of ways to prevent this from happening.

Protecting Your Data

Any kind of data breach can have disastrous consequences for your business. Sensitive information, personnel files, and private accounts are all at risk. Monitoring systems allow businesses to track accessibility to any of this data, alerting you to any unauthorized or suspicious activity. A qualified consulting company can offer risk assessment services to evaluate where the weaknesses may be in your systems, tailoring the perfect solution for your unique situation.

Employee Activity

One of the leading avenues for inappropriate information sharing is through your employees. Whether by carelessness or malicious intent, employees can release confidential data through their own online activity, including via email correspondences and social media. Again, incorporating a system that can monitor this activity is crucial to protecting your company’s information. Management software allows businesses to track communications that may be a threat to data protection, also providing an opportunity to see where changes may need to be made in company policies and procedure.

Policies And Procedure

It is critical for every organization to prioritize policies and procedure to streamline operations, protect business operations, and reflect best practices for regulators. Traditional methods are ineffective to keep up with the modern pace and demands of business, and do not address modern challenges regarding information sharing. There are ways to better monitor your policies and procedure to guarantee employee compliance throughout your organization. The ability to oversee and control the lifecycle of your policies and procedures allows you to constantly review and manage them as needed. Staying on top of this is another safeguard against potential liability concerns in the event of inappropriate information sharing.

It’s imperative that you are aware of how your information is being disseminated in this highly-connected world to protect your business, your employees, and yourself. With so many ways for all forms of data to be shared through all types of different platforms, no business can go without proper monitoring systems. Management software, employee activity tracking, and digital monitoring for policies and procedures are just a few of the avenues all business owners need to explore. Technology has presented businesses with new challenges, but luckily it has also created new solutions.